Pueblo in the Southwest

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by Kimberly and Will

Our Edublogs Student Challenge #4 is to share what we want to learn more about and why. We chose to learn more about the Pueblo culture because we might learn about our own culture, and who inhabited our country before we became the United States.

The Pueblo lived in the “four corners” of New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. The Pueblos were good at bonding with others, especially in hard times.

They went to war with the Spaniards who moved into their land and were ruling the area. In 1680, the Pueblo decided to join up with other Native American tribes to battle the Spaniards. It didn’t work because the Spaniards took over all of the Pecos Pueblo land, in 1692.

The Spaniards burned down all the statues of their gods and buildings. Many Native Americans were taken prisoners and later executed.

What did you learn about the Pueblos?

How do you think they influenced our culture?


25 Responses to “Pueblo in the Southwest”

  1. Miss W. says:

    Mrs Goucher and class,
    I am really interested in the native cultures of both USA and Canada. I hope you will be able to tell me much about the Pueblos when I visit later this year.

    • Kimberly says:

      I hope you had a good time here in the USA.How did you like it here?Did you see any thing different?
      Your friend,

  2. ayrinna and faith says:

    Dear MRS.Watanabe

    We are happy that you looked at our blog site and helping us learn about it.

    and faith

  3. Hannah and Julian says:

    Dear Jonathan,

    I love how you described the cello jello project I thought it was very fun to. I have a question for you did it taste good? Was it hard to make?

    Hannah and Julian

  4. Kathryn says:

    Dear Mrs. Goucher and class,
    The cardboard sculpture it’s cool. And like a lot because it’s neat.
    How do you make it ? And long does it take you to make it? And it’s cool.
    (in Miss Olen’s Class)

    • Will says:

      Dear Miss.Olens class,
      It took about 30 to 40 minutes to make.We folded paper to make the houses.


      • Joanne says:

        “We all looked out the oindww and smelt the fire catch the tyres because a spark fell on the oindww out of the car and set fire to the car which blew up. The police put barriers around the house because nobody was aloud to get very close to the house for health and safety reasons so nothing happened that may cause people damage but the smell was awful so the conditions were very hard to work in especially because it was at night and the smoke was billowing from the house, it wasn’t just the car.The people on the ground had butterflies in their tummies witch made them very scared and they hoped nothing terrible would happen In the end everyone were very happy but sad at the same time because of all their precious things inside the house, the fire had destroyed most of the precious things like the: the pictures of their family, and their children’s work got shattered into a trillion pieces but the fire was put out so it worked out alright (but not how everyone would of liked it to) in the end and nobody was hurt so they all lived happily ever after(sort of) THE END.

      • Johno says:

        This is an aitrlce that makes you think “never thought of that!”

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  6. Richard and Jonathan says:

    Dear Kimberly and Will,

    It is very interesting when you wrote about the Pueblo and the information that you gave was excellent.the most favorite thing is you guys give a lot of in formation about how the Pueblo fight the Spaniards.Can you give more information so we can learn more about Pueblos.And can you guy answer a question did the Pueblo ask people to fight with them.

    Ricard and Jonathan

    • Kimberly E says:

      Dear Richard and Jonathan,
      Yes, they did ask the other people to fight.Not many people are interested in that kind of stuff. Thank you for commenting on our report.
      Your friend,
      Kimberly Evans

  7. Jose Manuel says:

    Hi my name is Jose

    Your blog is very cool and awesome i see you do all the activities of the challenges

    Me too visit my blog the link is http://6ajosemanuelsblog.weebly.com/index.html

  8. Ayrinna's Mom #2 says:

    Dear Class Goucher!

    You have great ideas about what you want to learn and what you are excited about! That is wonderful. I read and enjoyed all of your comments. Good tips from you all about the prickly pear stickers! I remember when I was a kid we made prickly pear smoothies….I do not recommend it. It’s pretty weird. The jelly was a much better idea!

    My favorite part of your Blog was about the Pueblo Indians, since I was born very close to a Pueblo and Ayrinna and our family just took a trip through that part of the country. We can’t wait to hear more about what you learn! Keep up all the good work and congratulations on your AR goals this term!!!!

    Happy learning!
    Ayrinna’s Mom#2

  9. Sandra Y. says:

    This is very interesting to me…I have never blogged before…Have a great day class… 😉

  10. Jonathan's Mom says:

    Dear Mrs. Goucher’s Class,

    I hope you all had a splendid fall break! Now it’s time to get back into the fun activities of school. I really enjoyed the video on making prickly pear jelly. And the best part was that it tasted great! Thanks for sharing your recipe with us.

    I also like that your class is studying the Pueblo Tribes of the Southwest. There is definitely much history in this region about the Native Tribes. You can personally learn more about the Pueblo in Arizona, just by taking a drive north and visiting a few small towns and even the reservations, with permission, of course.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and I’ll look forward to visiting again soon!

  11. Rudy's Mom says:

    Dear Kimberly & WIll,

    Great job on your report about the Pueblo Indians. I really liked the picture of the villages that were made.

    I am really enjoying the blog. Keep up the good work everybody!


    Rudy’s Mom

    • kimberly says:

      Dear Rudy’s mom,
      Thank you for commenting on are pueblo report we worked very hard on them!Have you ever blogged before?
      your friend,

  12. Aunt from Pinetop says:

    Pueblos of the Southwest are very interesting and we can visit these in New Mexico.

  13. Rudy's Aunt from Pinetop says:

    Pueblos of the Southwest are interesting and can be visited in New Mexico.

    • Robson says:

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  14. Cody says:

    Dear Mrs.Goucher and class,

    I think it is really cool that you guys tought us about the five c’s. That is cool that we have gotten to learn from you.
    Hope I here from you soon.


  15. craig says:

    Dear Mrs.Goucher,
    I never did finish my pueblo vilage. Its still in my desk. Well it apears that it cant fit in my 6 to 5 foot backpack.i did have fun building the pueblo viliges.

    your stundent,
    richard c.

  16. Ebere says:

    it smelt like rotten cehsee, it was as loud as a rocket taking of into space If I was there I would be really scared. Police forces from all around Britain came and tried to keep people back while others try to get the prisoners out and be safe but they got eaten up. The people inside/the prisoners wriggled out of their chains then managed to escape. The army came and tried to shoot the house but they got crushed, after that the house went zooming into space at 3mph (quite fast).Police, and all the Army that were left and the people all had a great celebration with balloons and crackers and tables full of food (which they found in the house) and all lived happily ever after they had 3 cheers and all met each other it was a fantastic day on Tuesday 29th of June 1473 at 7:09 because there was loads more friendly people in the street.

    • Kimberly says:

      Dear Ebere,
      Were you talking about how the pueblo’s smelt?Or were you making up a story?
      Your friend,

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