Goucher’s Class Tours the World

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If we could visit anywhere in the world, here are our choices:

Cierra wants to visit the Rain Forest because, she wants to see the animals, plants, and the different kinds of insects.

Kimmy wants to visit the rain forest because there are a lot of animals, rain, and we could learn a lot of animals names and were they come from, what they eat drink and how they survive in the wild, and it would be great.

Zoe wants to visit San Diego because I can see my friend, Jessica, and my brother.  I can go to the seashore and see my family and that is my dream.

Hunter wants to visit Africa because I have never been there.

Will wants to visit the movies because they do special occasions for schools.

Jessica wants to visit Paris, because she wants to see the huge, tall Eiffel Tower, that’s why she wants to go to Paris.

Annelyse wants to visit Chicago because her whole family lives there.

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Sarah wants to visit Hawaii. It will be like a tropical and I could go snorkeling.

Melissa wants to visit California because it has lots of beaches and cool weather.

Rudy wants to visit Hawaii because he wants to go to the beach. It is a tropical island and they have cool volcanoes.

Faith would like to visit Hawaii because you can enjoy on the beach also you can have a fun day  to spent with your family.

Izabell would like to visit Hawaii because you can go to the beach.

Hannah wants to visit Los Angeles to go to the beach and hang out with my family and go to the clubs and see statues.

Zack would like to visit California because you can go to the beach.

Richard C wants to go to Spingerville because he has family that lives there that he hasn’t seen in a long time.

Richard G would like to visit Spain because he has never been there before so it will be awesome. He would like to see their soccer team.

Heath wants to visit China because he thinks it is interesting. He wants to see the Great Wall of China.

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Jonathan would like to visit the moon because he can bounce in his space suit and he can drive in his space shuttle. He also can drive the space cars.

Jack would like to go to outer space because we could really learn about space.

Bailey would like to visit the zoo because she wants to see all the animals.

Ethan wants to go to the Phoenix Zoo because it’s fun.

Brandon would like to visit Magic Mountain because there are Looney Toon Characters there.

Do you want to visit any of the places we want to visit?

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  1. Miss W. says:

    Wow, what a great range of places to visit.

    @Jessica, I can recommend Paris. The tower is beautiful but I would like to be there at the end of the bike race ‘Tour de France’.

    @Sarah, @Rudy, @Faith @Izabell I can also recommend Hawaii. I took my niece and nephew there on our way back to Australia from America. We toured the volcanoes and saw the tropical forests and fantastic sandy beaches.

    @Jonathon @Jack Think you can go to outer space without me. The only thing I would like to be able to do is zoom in quickly through our Milky Way to Earth. I have seen it done in a movie but would be great to do it for real.

  2. Mrs. Grabowski says:

    Looks like we will be looking at booking a family vacation to Paris. Great choice Jessica.

  3. Izabell and ethan says:

    I have never been to Hawaii before.But I want to go to Hawaii.
    from,Izabell and Ethan.

    • Melissa says:

      Dear Izabell and Ethan,

      I haven’t been to Hawaii, either. I really want
      to go and have heard many great things about it.


  4. zachay says:

    Dear.heath I allways wanted to go to china and the grate wall of china from,zachary

  5. SUlly :) says:

    Dear Kimmie,

    I saw your bird poster it was awesome because you had lots of discriptive words on it.And you had a good picture of your bird.

    from,Sully 😛 🙂

  6. Jessica says:

    Dear Mrs.Watanabe,
    If you wanted to go when the end of the bike race If it was really fun and you told me I bet I try to ask my parents If we can go. Why do you want to go to the end of the bike race? When did you see the Eiffel Tower when you where in Paris?

    Jessica Grabowski

  7. What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing your exciting travel plans.

    @Richard G, Spain is also on my list of places I’d love to see. I love soccer too and I think that Spanish history is very interesting.

    @ Cierra, @ Kimmy, The rainforest would be amazing to see. There are so many fascinating animals to see. National Geographic’s website has some good short videos if you want to “visit” some of those animals from your classroom.

    Miss. deVries

  8. craig says:

    Hi Mrs.Goucher

    where I would really want to go to again is Minnesota because my dad’s mom is there witch is my grandma and to see my oma and opa

    your math student,
    Craig Gutzwiller

  9. madyson and ayrinna says:

    Dear Mrs.Goucher,
    We looked at this and the word paris caught my eye and I said to my self wow Id love to go there.It must have been a lot of hard work to get the kids to think of where they wanted to go and why?
    your good friends Ayrinna and Madyson

  10. Jessica and Brooke says:

    Dear Mrs.Watanabe,
    We would like to ask you if it was fun in Paris, and where did youwhen you where in Paris? Also where did you stay when you where in Paris,did you stay in a hotel?How long would you want to stay there? We wanted to tell you that it would be a wonderful idea to go to Paris and see the end of the bike race! Thats so cool that you would want to see the end of the bike race!

    From: Brooke and Jessica

  11. Emma says:

    Dear Mrs. Goucher,
    You are nice,sweet,and smart. You always help me and other students. You give us fun things to do. You are a great teacher!

    Love,Emma 🙂

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