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 Mrs. Bright’s Class,


We were very excited to read  your class blog.  After we read your welcome post, we had some questions for you:

1.  What is a prairie?

2.  What did you do on the fun run?

3.  Is the green bug we saw your class pet?

4.  What is rocket math?  It sounds like fun!

5.  What is your literacy special like?

6.  What are Dailies?

We can’t wait to hear back from you!



One thought on “Global Read Aloud

  1. Hi Mrs. Del Rosa’s Class!
    Here are our answers:
    1. A prairie is a large area that has many plants. It is a wildlife space.
    2. We ran around the cones really fast for a really long time. It is a fundraiser for our school.
    3. The big green bug is a cicada named Sampson. He is not our pet. We learned about him and then sent him back to nature.
    4. Rocket Math is a part of our math that helps us learn math problems. Our test is only 1 minute long.
    5.In literacy, we read books, we make connections, we make predictions, draw pictures and lots of words.
    6. During the Dailies (now we are doing the WORLDS) we meet with Mrs. Bright to read books. Other kids are observing, buddy reading, listening, book shopping and working with words.
    We hope we answered all of your questions.
    Room 222

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