Ecology…. It’s What’s Next

Posted on September 18, 2018 in Ecology by Mrs. Roach

As I sit here and watch my students finish up their last assessment for the genetics unit, I am getting myself ready for our next unit…. ECOLOGY! This is probably my favorite unit because it is all about the environment and how living things interact with it. As an avid hunter, animal behavior and adaptations has been a topic of study for me for years. I love watching wildlife and learning from them. I also have seen the effects of population control; at its best and at its worst. I think that the most important role we can take is to educate ourselves on our world and make the best possible choices that will ensure resources are available to years to come!

Students have been doing an outstanding job with their Interactive Science Notebooks (ISN). They are pretty neat to look at! They are learning to take notes, go back and review/revise their notes, and how to use these notes to study from. It has been a process, for sure, but they are becoming experts at them! Actually, just today, a fellow teacher came to me to tell me how her 2nd hour taught her how to use our notes system (she had forgotten a couple of items in the heading and they were able to help her out)! So, yeah, that’s pretty awesome! I absolutely LOVE¬† watching them become the teacher!

As we prepare for our upcoming unit, I thought this would be a good time to give everyone a “heads-up” about our project. We won’t be starting it until tomorrow, but I wanted you to have plenty of notice about what we are going to be doing. You should be getting a letter from your student that will need your signature, maybe Friday? I haven’t got that all ironed out yet.¬†Here is the letter that will be sent home to parents and/or guardians about the Zoo Exhibit Project we will be doing this quarter. This project will be due December 14. There will be a few parts to the whole assignment, but the research portion will be done in class (at home if they don’t get it done during class). If your student attended CCJH last year, they may have done something very similar to this. They may use information from last year if they wish, but there will be new standards added to this year’s project. They also need to make sure that what they used is something appropriate for this project.

I can’t believe that we are finishing up the first quarter. The school years seem to fly by! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me!

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