Science Update

Posted on November 19, 2018 in Ecology,Student Update by Mrs. Roach

This week in science class we took some notes in our ISN (still working on our focused note taking skills), as well as some table group work where we sorted some questions based on things we were learning about animal adaptations and behaviors, as well as questions about pollination and why the human body does things such as sweat or shiver. We would match the questions and answers together and write them down on our study guide. We had to refer back to our ISN to see where the information was at (citing evidence). (We also learned about a man who died eating a tortilla chip, but that’s irrelevant.) I believe this was to prepare us for an upcoming final assessment.

Mrs. Roach has told the class that if you had all your assignments completed and graded that you could use your ISN on the assessment. Many students have not gotten the assignment on page 56 done (last I heard only one student had it completed) using the ISN would help greatly! I highly recommend getting all the work done so you can use it on the final assessment! Trust me, It’ll be worth it! (Actually, any student that has no missing work is excused from the final assessment. So, students, please make sure you have everything turned in and that it has been graded accordingly!)

So that’s this week’s run-through, thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day, afternoon, or night. If you have any more questions you can contact Ms. Roach.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

-Julia M.


Welcome to November!

I can’t believe how far into the school year we are already! We have finished genetics and now, Ecology! Students have been working on getting their ISN “perfect” and getting assignments completed. As their teacher, I would say that the one thing I noticed about their assignments is that they aren’t reading ALL the instructions. I tell students to go back and read ALL of the instructions. Sometimes that works, sometimes that doesn’t. My suggestion to parents would be to sit down with your student, review their actual assignments (many are on google classroom) and go over it with them. As a mom, I know that this can be time consuming, but I promise, it will pay off!

A couple of reminders:


  • No School Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week.
  • Grade Check will go home next Monday
  • All teachers offer tutoring before or after school if you think your student needs extra time with the teacher


We are finishing up our Zoo Project for science. Students can start presenting next week. The last day to turn in any projects will be December 14.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Roach

Weekly Student Update

Posted on September 25, 2018 in Ecology,Student Update by Mrs. Roach

This week in Ms. Roach’s science class we’re starting our first unit about Ecology, which is how plants and animals adapt to their environment, As well as learning about the differences between a Population, Community, Ecosystem, Biome, Biosphere, and figure out basic needs that a plant and or animal needs to thrive in their environment.


We are also doing an “Animal Research Project” , where we have to make a 3-D animal model of our choice and make a slideshow with information about that animal, One will be chosen to be displayed at the Phoenix Zoo, however, the animal your child chooses can’t already be in the Phoenix Zoo. In some part of the presentation your child will have to explain why the animal they choose should be in the zoo. The final presentation is due December 14th  Your child brought home a paper with more information about the project that you have to sign and return to Ms. Roach. This project will be most of your child’s Science grade.


That was your weekly check up of what your child is doing and learning in class, so now you can ask your child “What did you do at school today?” or “What’s happening in science class?” and see if they’ll leave out any details or simply haven’t been paying attention, as well ask them for the “Animal Research Project” paper in case they didn’t tell you about it or forgot. That’s all till next week and thanks for reading!


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our teacher at

Julia M

Ecology…. It’s What’s Next

Posted on September 18, 2018 in Ecology by Mrs. Roach

As I sit here and watch my students finish up their last assessment for the genetics unit, I am getting myself ready for our next unit…. ECOLOGY! This is probably my favorite unit because it is all about the environment and how living things interact with it. As an avid hunter, animal behavior and adaptations has been a topic of study for me for years. I love watching wildlife and learning from them. I also have seen the effects of population control; at its best and at its worst. I think that the most important role we can take is to educate ourselves on our world and make the best possible choices that will ensure resources are available to years to come!

Students have been doing an outstanding job with their Interactive Science Notebooks (ISN). They are pretty neat to look at! They are learning to take notes, go back and review/revise their notes, and how to use these notes to study from. It has been a process, for sure, but they are becoming experts at them! Actually, just today, a fellow teacher came to me to tell me how her 2nd hour taught her how to use our notes system (she had forgotten a couple of items in the heading and they were able to help her out)! So, yeah, that’s pretty awesome! I absolutely LOVE  watching them become the teacher!

As we prepare for our upcoming unit, I thought this would be a good time to give everyone a “heads-up” about our project. We won’t be starting it until tomorrow, but I wanted you to have plenty of notice about what we are going to be doing. You should be getting a letter from your student that will need your signature, maybe Friday? I haven’t got that all ironed out yet. Here is the letter that will be sent home to parents and/or guardians about the Zoo Exhibit Project we will be doing this quarter. This project will be due December 14. There will be a few parts to the whole assignment, but the research portion will be done in class (at home if they don’t get it done during class). If your student attended CCJH last year, they may have done something very similar to this. They may use information from last year if they wish, but there will be new standards added to this year’s project. They also need to make sure that what they used is something appropriate for this project.

I can’t believe that we are finishing up the first quarter. The school years seem to fly by! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me!

Parent Teacher Conferences

Posted on September 18, 2018 in Uncategorized by Mrs. Roach

Don’t forget to sign up for a conference! Click on this link and you will be able to select a time and day of your choosing. Don’t forget to add your students name in the comment section! If you have any questions, please email me!

School is under way!

Posted on August 24, 2017 in Uncategorized by Mrs. Roach

I can’t believe that we are already done with our second week of school! In class we are moving through our review of cells (their structures and functions) and have started in on the 8th grade standards. Last week we learned about the cell theory, the author’s behind it, and the reasons why cells divide.  We started using our journals everyday so that we can begin to develop good study habits. We are also on our way to “leveling up” in our studies! This year has already started flying by, but there is so much to learn, and we have only just begun.

We have started our unit on genetics. This is probably the unit that most students find most interesting. (Well, they really like Chemistry until they learn that we don’t “blow things up” during class…) The kids really like to see what traits they have and how they compare to their peers. In our advanced class we will be comparing ourselves to our parents.

This year I decided to try something new… badges… Students will get to level up for completing class assignments, homework assignments, and keeping their journal up to date. With each level up (after the first one) there are rewards to be had. These rewards will vary and it will be up to students to select their reward. I am also open to getting ideas from students, so if you have anything, let me know!

Our journals have been set up and we are starting to use them everyday. Students are expected to keep their calendar up to date with important information (like homework) daily. They will also be expected to keep up with important dates about school dances, club activities, and games. While there have been so many advancements with technology, most adults use their smart phones to keep them organized. However, our kids aren’t there yet. I really wonder if this is something they forget about on their phones. They focus in on social media, but they tend to forget about their scheduling capabilities on their phones. Hopefully, by using a paper method, it will start a habit of keeping themselves organized.

My next goal is to find a few students to help with this blog…. if that happens to be you… send me an email!

2017 Welcome!

Posted on July 26, 2017 in Uncategorized by Mrs. Roach

The 2017 school year is quickly approaching, actually as I sit to write this there are 10 days until the first day of the 2017 school year. As we head into this new year I am quickly reminded that with each new school year we all have an opportunity to start “new”. While the information we will learn this year is “old”, I hope that you will learn to look at it with “new” eyes. I hope that you walk away from this school year with a new found appreciation for science, and the world around you!

In 8th grade science we will be studying genetics, ecology, physics, and chemistry. Some of the information that we will study will build upon what you have already learned, while other information will be completely new. We will be completing a lot of hands-on, real-world experiences in which you will have the opportunity to put into action what we are discussing in class.

The biggest challenge that I feel like students face on the first day of school is the mystery of the unknown. You are entering a new grade, some of you in a new school, and you have to “figure out” your teachers. So, I will save you a little time and let you know about me and what you can expect from me. I expect that all students will be responsible for their own learning. By this I mean, if you don’t understand something, you are expected to see me to get clarification. I expect that when an assignment is given, it is completed to the best of your ability, and turned in on-time, if not early. I expect that you will come to class prepared to learn for the day. I expect that if you are in need of a supply to be prepared, you will problem-solve and find said supply. I expect that you will treat each other and me with the utmost of respect in our room and out of it. I expect your behavior to be something you are proud of. I expect you to do the right thing, and when you fail to do the right think, I expect you to take full responsibility and make amends for it. I also want you to know that we are all human, we ALL make mistakes. It is what you do in those moments who will define who you are. I also want you to know that you ARE CAPABLE of so much more than you believe and I expect you to take risks and push yourself beyond your own limits for the greatest success!

I hope that you are as excited about this upcoming school year as I am! I can’t wait to work together to make this the best year yet!

Parents and guardians: If you would like to see what assignments we are working on in class, please send me your email and I will add it to our google classroom. My email is


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