This weekend, we had so much going on!  As I reflect, what a great weekend for our students and our community.  Friday, we had what is quickly becoming our annual Father/Daughter Dance.  While lots of learning took place on Friday, it was wonderful to see the young ladies of Peralta Trail Elementary School looking forward to a night out with dad.  Our PTO did an outstanding job of creating an atmosphere of a Disco and from what I hear, dads and daughters danced the night away.  I can’t help but think what a wonderful opportunity our PTO created for our students and parents.  As you know, one of our district tiles is relationships, and our parent organization went above and beyond to really help our families come together!

In addition, this weekend was the Lost Dutchman Parade.  Our float was decorated to the T’s as they say, and I was so proud of our student council for doing such an amazing job of representing our school.  As we are the bobcats, we always do our best to represent “Peralta Pride”  and they did.  As another teacher and I were walking the parade route behind our float, listening to our school song blaring from the speakers, watching our students wave enthusiastically to the crowd, and shout when I say go, you say Bobcats! Go, Bobcats!  we were privileged to have many onlookers comment on how beautiful and classy our float looked and our students acted. Our kiddos did us proud!  It was a wonderful way for us to just say “Thanks for all you do” to support our students!

At Peralta, we are blessed to have many winter visitors who volunteer their time during the day to read to our students.  They come in droves and our students really look forward to reading with them during the day.  It’s so wonderful to see how the community of elderly supports our students and gives of themselves to help better our educational environment.  I can only hope, that one day, our students give back to the community the same way.

This week, our students will be going to Basha’s to paint the windows in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s something we brought back this year, and I know the community appreciates going to the local grocery store and seeing our student’s art ability on display.  It really brings us all together and reminds us that we are so lucky to have a neighborhood school!

Gold Canyon, we love you! Thank you!

Attached is a link to the definition of community, hope you enjoy!



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