Learning and Loving with Mr. Davo!

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Our class is visiting with Mr. Davo Devil.   
He is a Tasmanian Devil. They are a species found only in Tasmania. 
He is from Tasmania, a small island state in Australia.   

He just came back from Emma and Ethan’s house.

We welcomed Mr. Davo to our classroom and to Arizona.  We showed him around different places in our room.   We took turns taking him to different places like to lunch, P.E, and to library and he also went to some responsible people’s houses.  Only responsible people got to take him home because we don’t want him lost.  Cassidy S. and Elisa took him to lunch. He must have been hungry because he tried to eat Cassidy’s roll.  Here are some pictures of our time with Mr. Davo Devil on the first day.


by Lillian, Faye, Elisa, and Claire