The Sonoran Desert: Our Backyard

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During reading class, we read a nonfiction article from Ranger Rick Magazine about a woman who is a photographer and explores her backyard-the Galapagos Islands.  The article was called Wild Shots: They’re My Life.   We are being photographers just like her, but we are taking the photos in our backyard-the Sonoran Desert.  The photos you will see and learn about were taken at our school, in our school habitat,  and around our neighborhoods.

by Claire and Lilly

There are many kinds of deserts.  Some deserts have just sand like the Saharan Desert and some have lots of plants and animals like the Sonoran Desert.  The Sonoran Desert is located in Arizona and other parts of the west.  This desert usually gets less than 10  inches of rain a year.  In the summer, temperatures can get as high as 130 degress!  The Sonoran Desert is sometimes called the “green desert” because of all the plants that grow here. 

Here is a Voicethread our class created.  Check it out!

by Hannah and Dianne

 What did you learn about the Sonoran Desert?  Can you add anymore details to our Voicethread?