Learning and Loving with Mr. Davo!

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Our class is visiting with Mr. Davo Devil.   
He is a Tasmanian Devil. They are a species found only in Tasmania. 
He is from Tasmania, a small island state in Australia.   

He just came back from Emma and Ethan’s house.

We welcomed Mr. Davo to our classroom and to Arizona.  We showed him around different places in our room.   We took turns taking him to different places like to lunch, P.E, and to library and he also went to some responsible people’s houses.  Only responsible people got to take him home because we don’t want him lost.  Cassidy S. and Elisa took him to lunch. He must have been hungry because he tried to eat Cassidy’s roll.  Here are some pictures of our time with Mr. Davo Devil on the first day.


by Lillian, Faye, Elisa, and Claire

Mr. Davo Devil Visits from Down Under

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We were fortunate to have Mr. ‘Davo’ Devil  and Miss W visit our class on her tour of the United States.  Mrs. Watanabe brought her to our school and she visited us and other classes who have a blog through Edublog.  Miss W. is one of the bloggers we follow, and it was great to have her share with us.  Our class has a connection to Australia.  Since our ePals live in Port Lincoln, South Australia we are eager to learn about Australia and meet people like Miss W.  This is the way students should learn-through experience!  It looks like Mr. Devil is smiling for the camera!

A Visit from Miss W and Mr. Davo Devil from Gina Fraher on Vimeo.

Our class was so excited to have Miss W. and Mr. Davo Devil stop by during their trip across the United States. We learned a great deal about the Tasmanian Devil and the state of Tasmania. We even saw Vegemite!

Do you have an interesting fact about the Tasmanian Devil to add to what we learned?  Have you had a visit from a special guest in your class that you thought was interesting?  

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