Glowing Predators Invade!

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As the weather changes in our part of the world, we are noticing changes in the variety of species we see. One species that is more noticeable is the scorpion. There are many different types of scorpions living throughout the world. In the Sonoran Desert, we have several different species.

In the past couple of weeks, we have some close calls in our classroom.  We are lucky to have a space outside our classroom to use as some extended learning spots.  Mrs. Fraher has some bean bags and a couple of desks out there for us to use when we collaborate with others.  Unfortunately, scorpions (and other critters like geckos and spiders) love to hide under those bean bags.  Several times we have been buddy reading and find a scorpion sitting next to us.  Hmmm, maybe he was enjoying the story!

Here is a picture of the curious scorpion: (just a little one, but those are the scariest!)

Scorpion that was listening to our reading. He scurried away when he found out we were onto him.

Here is another scorpion that was crossing the road.  Why did the scorpion cross the road?  It was so big that Mrs. Fraher saw it from far away, stopped her car, and took some pictures with her phone.

This scorpion was six inches from stinger to pincher! Don’t you love the shadow it makes?

Some facts about scorpions:

They eat spiders, insects, and small animals.  There venom paralyzes the prey.

A cool fact is that when they are babies they hitch a ride on their mother’s back.

Their enemies are lizards, roadrunners, and hedgehogs.

They reproduce by laying eggs.

There are 45 species of scorpions found in Arizona and more than 2,000 in the world.

Check out this site for more information:  Scorpions 


Think about the scorpion that was crossing the road.  

Come up with a good joke and share it with us.