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Bird, Bird…Bird is the Word!


Our class is so excited to start our Project Feeder Watch program this year!  This is the third year in a row that Mrs. Fraher’s class has participated in this project through Cornell University.  Why not start it out with a bang? Mrs. Goucher’s fourth grade class joined us one sunny Friday morning along with […]

More Bird Stuff


Here is even more to learn about birds… Here is some information from Faye and Cassidy:

Project Feeder Watch Comes to a Close


Our class has had a wonderful time this year on our Project Feeder Watch.  Check out what we did and learned during this great birding project! First, we live in the Sonoran Desert so our goal was to examine and learn about the birds found in the Sonoran Desert.  Here is a Tagul from Justin about […]

iPads, MacBook Pro, Binoculars, Oh My!


In the world of technology, our class is sitting pretty thanks to the money we received from Century Link and AzTEA through the technology grant Mrs. Goucher and I won.  It is absolutely a dream come true for both of us.  Both Mrs. Goucher and myself really appreciate the generosity of Century Link and their […]

It’s Superman, It’s a Plane….No, It’s A Bird for Project Feeder Watch!


We are doing a project called Project FeederWatch.  It is about finding different bird species, graphing and recording the number we see, and then reporting it to Cornell University.   We are doing it for the Lab of Ornithology at Cornell University.  We are doing it October through March.  We are doing it in Mrs. […]