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Our school, Desert Vista Elementary, is fortunate to have many community members that support the learning in our school by volunteering time and resources.  Below is just a few instances that show how much people in our community care about students and their learning.  Thank you to all of those who show their caring and dedication to our school.

Read to Me

Mayor Insalaco, the Mayor of Apache Junction, came to our class to read to us.  We happened to be digging into folktales and fables, so he read to us Pecos Bill, a tale about a boy who was raised by coyotes.  The mayor often volunteers his time to read to the students that attend an Apache Junction school.

He then spent some time letting us ask questions.  We found out something very interesting.  He was once bit by a rattlesnake.  He even showed us the two fang marks that was left as a scar.

The Rotary Club of superstition mountain

Each year the Rotary Club of superstition mountain provides our school with dictionaries.  Every child in third grade gets one.  They take time out of their busy schedule to spend some time with us talking about the dictionary and doing some fun activities using the dictionary.  Mrs. Fraher is so thankful that we have these.  The cool thing about these dictionaries is that they have other interesting things in the back.  Some of those things are: the world’s longest word, facts about states and countries, math information, and maps.  We can use these dictionaries for more than just looking up words!

Digging into Dictionaries – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

 Bunny and Nell


There are two very kind women who have donated money to several of the classes at our school.  These women aren’t wealthy, they just care and want to help where they can.  There names are Bunny and Nell.  This year, Bunny and Nell donated $100 to our class for a project.  Mrs. Fraher was so excited.  She had just the project for us to do.  You will have to stay tuned to this blog to find out what the project is.  The suspense is killing us!

Project Hummer watch


we have a garden outside our classroom that attracts hummingbirds and other birds using feeders and plants that draw hummingbirds.  This garden would not have been possible without the help of so many community members and businesses.  A wonderful parent,  Heather Harter, worked hard to get The plants donated by local nurseries.    below is a list of those businesses.

Target                   Shady Way Nursery                      Home Depot
BEST Hardware     Apache Landscape                         Moon Valley
ACE Hardware

Have you had someone do something kind or generous for you?  If so, what was it?