Fishing For Compliments

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Have you ever fished for a compliment?  Maybe hinted around to someone about a new haircut or awesome pair of shoes hoping they would say something about them? Well, if you did you were fishing for a compliment!  

“Fishing for a compliment” is an example of figurative language.  This type of language is different than literal language.

Faye mentions the hat she made in hopes that someone will compliment her on it. She is fishing for a compliment.


When you use literal language you mean what you say.  Read the caption below the picture for an example of literal language:


Nathan is fishing for a rainbow trout at Water Ranch on our field trip.


When I say that Nathan is fishing for rainbow trout I mean exactly that.  This is literal.  Sometimes literal language can be kind of boring.  So, good writers use figurative language to spice up their writing.  Hey, I just used more figurative language…”spice up their writing!”

Figurative language is almost the opposite.  When you use figurative language, you mean something different than what you are saying.  Check out some of the figurative statements below each picture.


Figurative Language While Fishing on PhotoPeach


What type of figurative language could you come up with for this picture?