Plant Project Makes Our School Beautiful

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Flowers, friends, and families were as abundant as the flowers we planted at school recently.  Our class has been studying plants, their parts, and their lifecycle.

There was a very plain, somewhat ugly, planter in the middle of our school courtyard.  It was crying out for some life!  Since we were studying plants and flowers and there was a need for some beautification, why not “meet two goals with one strategy” and plant some flowers!

Our classroom families came through with flowers and gardening tools so we would all have practice exploring the flowers and their parts as we planted them.  Take a look at the process:

 This project not only helped make our school a better place, but also taught us about plants and using diagrams to gain information when reading  informational text.  These skills are important for us to become critical readers.

Tell us about your garden or your favorite type of flower.