A Flat Friend Farewell

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Before we left for summer vacation, our class finished up a project based from the Flat Stanley books.

Our class on the field trip. This is one of the memories we wrote about with our Flat Friends in Australia.

Have you read one of them?  What did you like about it?

We read the book and then collaborated with teachers in Australia, England, and United States on a project that took many months.

Here is what we did.  First, we read the book.  Then we created Flat Selves and a Flat Friend Journal.  

Here is Flat Stanley. Our Flat Selves looked like us but had the same shape of body...FLAT!

This journal would travel with our Flat Self to another class around the world.  Our Flat Selves started in Point Lonsdale, Australia.  They stayed their for a couple of weeks getting to know the children that lived there.  

Here is a video on what they did:

This was video created by Mrs. Murphy, the teacher in Australia who had our flat selves.  The children there write in our journals about the exciting places and things they did with our Flat Selves.

Meanwhile, we had two different classes sent to us.  We had Mrs. Murphy’s class from Point Lonsdale in Australia for awhile and then  Mrs. Todd’s class from Rocky River, North Carolina.  We wrote in their journals about the adventures they had with us.  It was a fun way to practice our writing!

Have you ever been to Australia or North Carolina?  Tell us what you saw. 

Here is a video we created to show what we did with our Flat Friends.

Just like some stories, this one had a sad ending.  After visiting with Mrs. Murphy’s class, they were sent to another school in Australia-Curl Curl North Public School in Curl Curl, Australia.  We never received our Flat Selves back from this school.  Hopefully, they will arrive so we can find out what amazing adventures we had with others around the world. 

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful time with our Flat Friends.  We will have many fond memories to look back on.  

Australia, North Carolina, and Arizona are so far apart, but we learned that no matter where we live we are all the same when it comes to enjoying life.  We also learned that our differences make us unique and a blast to get to know!

Flat Friends Frolic with Fraher’s Class Family

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We are excited to have our flat friends from Victoria, Australia!  We have had so much fun with our flat friends.  Our flat friends went on the computer and also made birds as friends.  Some of their bird friends were the Curved-Bill Thrasher, Mourning Dove, Cactus Wren, Northern Cardinal. They met them at our classroom window.  On the computer they helped us research about Australia or take a test on the computer. They also had a great time on the playground.  We have written to the them about what adventures they had. We have learned math, spelling, science, and reading with them.

by Hannah and Dianne


We have also spent time at home with our flat friends.  Take a look at some pictures taken at home. 

Going home with Elly...the backpack is a perfect place to take a ride. If your flat you have to be careful.


Justin takes his flat friend to his backyard...maybe to play football. He is a Dallas Cowboys fan. I wonder what his flat friend's favorite team is.


Nicky's flat friends visit the rushing waters of the Salt River. Hold on tight, Nicky! Flat friends don't swim well.


Looks like Christian is rescuing his flat friend from getting eaten by a dinosaur! What a hero!


Time for some snow! Flat friend is lucky. You don't see snow very often where we live!

Do you have a flat friend?  If so, what adventures have you had so far?

If you had a flat friend, what would be some thing you would do?

Australia or Bust for Flat Selves!

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How can you send 21 students and their journals to Australia for under $5.00?  It’s easy-make them Flat Selves!

Flat Selves fit just about anywhere and very easy to travel.

Our class is so excited to be participating in a literature project with classes around the globe.  Thanks to the organizational efforts of Mrs. Murphy in Australia, the students in our class have been involved in reading Flat Stanley books and engaging in relevant activities with the books written by Jeff Brown.

We started out making our flat selves into our likeness after reading the first chapter of the book.  Then we created a journal to keep track of our adventures.

Flat Anthony goes home on the bus. His brother looks very excited to have him along for the ride.

After our flat selves were done, they went home to spend some time with family.

Flat Dianne hangs out with her family outside. We have great weather in Arizona!


Then we had sleepovers with our flat friends and write about the event in our flat journals.

Nicky does his homework with the help of Flat Claire. They are both great at math so he should get 100%.

What would you do with a flat friend at your house?

Our flat selves are now bound for Ms. Murphy’s class in Victoria, Australia.

We will be able to travel around the world and collaborate with many other students.  At the same time, we will be hosting many flat friends around the world!  The adventures we have will be tracked through journaling and blogging. We are looking forward to the adventures to come!  What better way to make reading and writing come alive!

Here are the blogs of the classes we will be collaborating with:

Participating schools:
Mrs Murphy’s Class in Victoria, Australia (22 Grade 3/4s)
Mrs Fraher’s Class in Arizona, USA (21 Grade 3’s)
Miss Migan’s Class Sydney, Australia (29 Grade 4s)
Mrs Monaghans Class, England (6 Class 2s will participate)
Mrs Laird’s Class, California USA (24 Grade 3)
Mrs Todd’s Class, North Carolina USA (19 Grade 2’s)

Stay tuned for more of our Flat Adventures…