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A Flat Friend Farewell


Before we left for summer vacation, our class finished up a project based from the Flat Stanley books. Have you read one of them?  What did you like about it? We read the book and then collaborated with teachers in Australia, England, and United States on a project that took many months. Here is what […]

Flat Friends Frolic with Fraher’s Class Family


We are excited to have our flat friends from Victoria, Australia!  We have had so much fun with our flat friends.  Our flat friends went on the computer and also made birds as friends.  Some of their bird friends were the Curved-Bill Thrasher, Mourning Dove, Cactus Wren, Northern Cardinal. They met them at our classroom […]

Australia or Bust for Flat Selves!


How can you send 21 students and their journals to Australia for under $5.00?  It’s easy-make them Flat Selves! Our class is so excited to be participating in a literature project with classes around the globe.  Thanks to the organizational efforts of Mrs. Murphy in Australia, the students in our class have been involved in […]