iPads, MacBook Pro, Binoculars, Oh My!

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In the world of technology, our class is sitting pretty thanks to the money we received from Century Link and AzTEA through the technology grant Mrs. Goucher and I won.  It is absolutely a dream come true for both of us.  Both Mrs. Goucher and myself really appreciate the generosity of Century Link and their commitment to the community.  Every time I think about the phone call we received letting us know we won, I get a big smile on my face!  All of the hard work writing the grant was definitely worth it!  Most of the grant was set aside to help us purchase iPads, two Mac Book Pros, and binoculars for our Project Feeder Watch.  Kids will be using them to help with data collection and recording of bird species.  We haven’t received our binoculars yet.  When we do, it will help us identify the species because we will be able to see the bird’s features much better.  

Here are a few pictures that show our excitement when the iPads and Mac Book arrived:

Feels like Christmas!


Another box to open...how many more are there?


We're getting closer!



The anticipation is killing us!


Yes! The iPad has left the box!


Yes, Mrs. Fraher is looking a little possessive of that Mac Book! Do you think she is thinking, "MINE!"

To try them out, we took a few pictures of a cactus wren and its nest in our school parking lot with the iPad.  A male and a female were building the nest and foraging for food in the median of the road.  They were very interesting to watch.  Check them out…


The Cactus Wren...Arizona's state bird.


Do you have the Cactus Wren where you live?  

If not, what bird do you have that is similar in looks to the Cactus Wren?


Cactus wrens are common in cactus country (which is us) and arid hillsides. They forage on the ground for food.


It likes to make its domed nest in thorny trees, like this Palo Verde, or Cholla cacti. This is to protect its young from predators.


Two of the prominent features of the Cactus Wren is the white eyebrow and speckled feathers. Uh, oh, he's watching us.


Listen to the chug, chug, chug of the cactus wren:

CactusWrenCallFade PE916201