We’re Lovin’ Arizona!

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Wow, I am not sure I have ever met anyone that was 100 years old before, but I do know of a certain state that is 100 years old.  Arizona celebrated its centennial birthday on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012!

Using the clues above, what do you think the word “centennial” means?

All over Arizona, people in businesses, government, and schools were participating in centennial events as well as Valentine’s Day festivities.  In our class, we had a birthday party for Arizona and a Valentine’s Day party.  We are in the process of making a special present for the state-a state “quilt.”

Take a look at this Popplet to see some of the things we did on this special day.



 Do you know when your state turned 100?  If it hasn’t yet, when will it turn 100?