New School Year, New Room!

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Desert Vista is excited to begin the 2017-2018 school year! I am looking forward to meeting my “school family” and begin building lasting memories. This year I am teaching second grade and moved into a new room to go along with the new grade level. Take a look!

What is your favorite part of the room?

Thankful Thoughts

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There are so many things in our life to be thankful for.  Most of us are thankful for health, family, our beliefs, and the many blessings this country has to offer.

When thinking of our school and the people we spend time with during school, there is no better group of kids than Mrs. Fraher’s class.  She thinks we are amazing and the smartest bunch of kids a teacher can have.

Take a look at a few ways we celebrated our thankfulness.  Our class is very thankful for books and the freedom to read books we are interested in reading.



IMG_1446IMG_1445 IMG_1444 IMG_1443


The day before Thanksgiving our class and family members joined to spend some time together.

Book titled 'Thankful Thoughts'Read this free book made on StoryJumper

What are you most thankful for?

Feelin’ the Love

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Valentine’s Day brought a carnival like no other.  What better time to fill your heart with fun and friendship than on Valentine’s Day.  The third grade team worked together to organize a Valentine’s Carnival for the third grade students.  Each classroom had fun games and challenges to do in their classroom and in the hallway.

Take a look at some of the things they did.

Tell us what you did for Valentine’s Day.

Snowball Fun at Peralta Trail

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Our school is so lucky to have a group of parents who value education and want to help out in any way they can.  One important way the parents from our school showed their support was to become members of our PAWS parent group.  

To encourage participation, PAWS held a contest.  The top three classes with the highest number of parent/grandparent memberships would win some time having fun with snowballs.  Now in the Valley of the Sun, we don’t get to see this very often, so the kids were very excited to see that our class won!  We had 22 family members become PAWS members, which was the highest of all other classes.  

Take a look at some of the action…

Snowball Fun at Peralta Trail from GFraher on Vimeo.

Three classes from Peralta Trail won some snowball fun because they had the most parent members in their class.   Thank you, PAWS, for a wonderful time!

Have you ever played in the snow before?  

Have you ever lived in a place where it snowed in the winter?

Tell us about it.


Open Wide, Nathan!

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I had my tonsils out on January 5th, 2012, so I missed the first back  of school from Winter Break.

JUST THE FACTS ABOUT TONSILS AND ADENOIDS                                                     
The tonsils are two soft tissue masses found at the end of the throat also called pharynx.
The tonsils are part of a lymphatic system, which helps to fight infections.
Adenoids are also made of glandular tissue and are part of the immune system.

Here is what happened to me.

On the day that I got my tonsils out I went home that very same day. I ate a lot of Popsicles and my mouth was at least, from 1 to 10 in pain, a 4 because it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. On the second day I stayed home while my mom brought my brother Keeton to school.  I watched “Wizards Of Waverly Place, The Movie” while I stayed home.

No more tonsils!









Then it was time to go pick my brother up from school.  I went to pick him up with my mom and I saw two classmates named Zach & Cheyenne.  I went to get my homework for next week. Every body said it was ten pounds of homework and boy they were right.  


Sunday I stayed home with my dad and brother.  We watched a lot of movies.  We went to Red Sage because my mom called and said that church was out. When we got there, their was more people from different states than the state that it is in.  Also called Arizona. It was crowded in there.  We went to Jack In The Box instead. I got a mango smoothie.


Forget the homework...time for TV!









I had some more Popsicles and read a book.  The same friends that we had earlier came for dinner so we had noodles. I had some medicine while others were eating.  Then I had another Popsicle to help. Then only I had some frozen ice peas.  Then I brushed my teeth very slowly because the other few nights, my throat hurt while brushing. Then I went to bed.


Mmmm, popsicles, best cure for a sore throat!









Then we went to some one’s house. We had hot dogs. They hurt my throat. The next day we went to church. Then we stayed there to have a BBQ. Then we went home. I started on my House Finch project that day and finished it that day. Then I did my home work.   The next day I went to the hospital for a day.
I made sure to get a good nights sleep because the next day I got to go back to school!

Lexi helped me through my tonsil troubles.


Have you had your tonsils out?

If you did, did it hurt like crazy?  

What did you do to help the pain?

Growing our own Tree

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by Cassidy and Faye


Some rights reserved by jasohill

We are growing a Christmas tree until Christmas so that we can have a Christmas tree in our classroom. To plant the tree, we had to follow these steps:

  1. Get the soil and water. Put it in a cup or bowl.
  2. Then we stir it.
  3. Put the seed in.  Push the seed in so the soil covers it.

Listen to our Audioboo story for the steps we followed to plant our tree. At the end, we tell you what it needs to grow.

Fraher”s Christmas Tree (mp3)


The Christmas tree needs water and sunlight to grow, and it will be 3 feet tall.  We hope it grows big enough so we can decorate it for Christmas.  Stayed tuned for the progress of our tree. 

Does your family have Christmas trees for the holiday? 

How do you decorate your tree?


Getting in the Team Spirit

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By Claire and Nathan

“Woooo Hooo!” “Yeah!” Whistle! Whistle! Applause! That’s what you hear when you go to sport games or events, because the people watch it and like to applaud to help the athletes. It is exciting for the audience.

Our class and the whole school wore our sport uniforms last Friday, because it was Sports Spirit Day at our school.

Since Nathan and I could write a quality blog comment, Mrs. Fraher let us write a quality post about Sports Day.

There are many great sports, but our favorites are soccer and gymnastics.

Soccer is a game (sport) played by two teams of eleven players. Other countries call it football. There are seventeen rules in the game. Like… no picking up the ball. No pushing other people, and score. Usually the players score by dribbling, passing, or shooting goals with their feet. Also referees can not kick the ball, because they are the ones who make sure people follow the rules.

The World Cup is the biggest tournament in the world. It is played every four years. Tons of people watch the games each year. Brazil won the 2002 World Cup and also won five since the tournament began. The World Cup is famous. It’s important because lots of people like to play in it. Crowds get together and cheer and go wild. They show their team spirit.

Claire’s favorite sport is gymnastics. Gymnastics is an active sport all around the world. Many girls and boys love to do gymnastics. People say that gymnastics is just an exercise for your body, but it’s actually just a fun activity that you can do. Gymnastics is a sport that provides many different skills such as balance, flexibility, concentration, and strength.

Gymnastics was used by ancient Greeks so that they could get on and off a horse. Circuses use a lot of gymnastics too. So, it has been around for a long time.

Gymnastic events have different performances that entertain people. People get to cheer their team on.

Cheering teams on creates an excitement and team spirit. There should be a day where every one should wear sport uniforms to represent their team spirit.

What are your favorite sports teams or events?

Why do you think it’s important to have team spirit?