New School Year, New Room!

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Desert Vista is excited to begin the 2017-2018 school year! I am looking forward to meeting my “school family” and begin building lasting memories. This year I am teaching second grade and moved into a new room to go along with the new grade level. Take a look!

What is your favorite part of the room?

Welcome to a New Year!

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Desert Vista Elementary, home of the Mustangs!

Desert Vista Elementary, home of the Mustangs!

A new year is about to begin and excitement is in the air!  The teachers have been working hard all summer to make the new school year a special one for you!  Our theme this year is all about super heroes!  

Did you know that anyone can be a hero?  You don’t have to have a cape and have special powers to be a super hero.  If you help pick up something that a person dropped, you are a hero to them!  Watch Kid President

This year will be filled with moments that will allow you to be a super hero in someone’s life!  

What are some things you can do to be a hero to someone special in your life?

Welcome Back to School

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What an exciting first week we had in third grade.  Not only did we learn about what it takes to be a successful third grader, we also had the opportunity to spend some time with our family members at our first Family Follies Day on Friday.  I hope that all students in my class enjoy third grade, make some great memories, and learn a ton!  

Take a look at our first week!

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What are your hopes and wishes for third grade?












Bubbling Over With Joy For School

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Students in our class were bubbling over with joy over the Back to School Bash our first week in school!  Why you ask?  Well, we had a Bubble Party!


Experimenting with bubbles is a blast!

Experimenting with bubbles is a blast!

We spent some time with family and friends participating in bubble activities.  We did bubble art, experimented with different types of bubble solution, blew bubbles and tried to catch them with a gloved hand, developed a hypothesis on which temperature of bubble solution would blow the best bubble, and tried blowing bubbles from bubble gum.

Take a look at some of the fun things we did…

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Have you ever tried to make your own bubble solution?  What did you use?  Did it work?

What do you like best about bubbles?

Back to School

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Backpacks, pencils, markers, and new clothes are all over Peralta Trail as we start a new school year.  Of course, a new year can’t start without a new classroom.  Over the summer, I spent time organizing, hanging, building, and moving my class around.  Here are some pictures to document the occasion!

Stacks of stuff everywhere!

I even had some helpers come in and put together some shelves. Thanks, friends and family!


Soon the class was finished and ready for Meet Your Teacher Night!

Twenty-four desks ready for 24 kids!

A place to get caught up in some reading!

The library and word wall. Lots of opportunities to read!

My area where I work before and after school.

Time for Meet Your Teacher Night!  We had some great families come through and participate in a Scavenger Hunt.  Just take a look at the explorers they turned out to be!

Fun Times at Meet Your Teacher on PhotoPeach

 It looks like we are off to a great year!

What would you like to learn during your new year?

If you are not in school, think about when you were in school.  What did you learn or do that you will never forget?



Welcome to a New Year

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We are about a month into school and getting established as third grade students.  Each one of us have things they would like to see and do as a student in third grade.  Parents have these same wishes for their children.  What are some things you would like to see and do in third grade?  How do you hope to learn?  If you are not in third grade, but a student in another grade, what do you hope your teacher will do to make learning exciting for you?  Your thoughtful comments will help our class become an engaging environment.