Blogging Guidelines

As we begin our blogging journey, it is important to have the knowledge of how to correctly post a blog.  We want to share information with others but always keep in mind that safety is number one. 

Technology should be fun and safe!

Technology should be fun and safe!

Here are some guidelines we will follow:

  • Keep names to first name only. 
  • Never provide any information to individuals who have not been approved by the teacher or your parent.
  • Parents who are leaving a comment should keep it to first names as well.  Some ideas are: ” Jim’s mom”, “Sue’s nana”, or “Will’s dad”.
  • When leaving a comment, make sure you look over the spelling, pronunciation, and word usage of  your complete sentence.  Since your comments represent our class, you want to make sure they are your best efforts.  Please avoid using “text talk”.
  • Comments that have been submitted will need to have the approval of Mrs. Fraher before they will be posted.   This is important to keep our blog a positive environment safe for all to read.
  • Mrs. Fraher will be the one who creates posts.  Later on in the quarter, students will be given this opportunity.

6 thoughts on “Blogging Guidelines

  1. Dear Mr.B,

    I would like to fix your post. One of the rules of quality comments is do not over do letters did you know your mistake?


  2. Dear Mrs.Fraher’s class,
    We love your blog allot.You guys put so many details,and creativity into your blog.We love the way you guys are always ready to answer comments or questions.Do you guys like the civil war?

    your friends,
    Kimberly,and Stefani

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