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Our class contains 30 eager third grade learners whose goal is to discover the world around us, build global relationships, and collaborate with others. 

Our school, Desert Vista Elementary, is nestled in the foothills of the famed Superstition Mountains.  These mysterious mountains shadow our community, Apache Junction, Arizona.  We are lucky to have such a wonderful place to learn!

Desert Vista Elementary, home of the Mustangs!

Desert Vista Elementary, home of the Mustangs!



It’s a rare sight to see snow on the Superstition Mountains!

Our blog is going to help us achieve our goals of building relationships and collaboration. 

We hope you can join us on our journey.

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  1. Dear Mrs Frahers Class,

    I have loved looking around at your blog. It is amazing how different our two schools are, yet we are very similar. We are in Australia and right by the beach, but we are very eager learners as well. And we love the idea of building up some global friendships. We also have some iPads in our classroom and love integrating technology. The birds in your school look very different to the birds we see at our school. Maybe one day we could send you some pictures of our birds. We even have some nesting very colourful parrots (crimson rosellas) that come back every spring to one of our classrooms to have their babies!

    We look forward to getting to know you and blogging with you. We are also getting ready to start a new project with you very soon.

    Mrs Murphy

    • Dear Mrs. Murphy and Class,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog. We enjoyed reading about the different things you have in your class. We are different and alike. It must be great to live near the beach. If we want to go to a beach, we need to drive for six hours to San Diego. We have a lot of lakes in Arizona so there are some beaches, but nothing like a beach along an ocean. We like that your class likes to use technology in the classroom. It is so much fun to learn using the different types of technology. What are some apps on your iPads that your class enjoys using? It would be great to see some photos of the birds that have a nest at your school. We have a couple of gilded flickers that have made a nest in a Saguaro cactus outside our window. It is fun to watch them fly back and forth from our feeders to their nest. Blogging and collaborating with you is going to be great fun! Talk to you soon!

      Mrs. Fraher and Class

      • Hi ms fraher’s class! I like the blog! maybe you and your class can skype with mr lock wood’s class! p.s I’m in mr lockwood’s! class and what does your class like to do?

  2. Dear Mrs Fraher and class,

    I don’t know how you live in Arizona and deal with that heat without living near the sea! I have been to Arizona and it is VERY hot.

    We do love to use technology and love to use so many Apps! I will have to make a list for you as we go. Our Spanish blog from last year has a good list under the “Pracitca” section. http://locoatlonnie.global2.vic.edu.au/practica/

    It is nearly the end of summer here and the birds won’t nest until Spring again. But we will send you pictures when they do! I have looked at your bird pictures and they are fantastic. So we hope to share some Australian birds with you soon. Have you heard of a cockatoo? There are lots near my house and I will take a picture of them when I see one again. They are big white birds that sound like prehistoric dinosaurs. When I first moved to Australia they scared me!! Do you have any big scary birds in Arizona?

    Can’t wait to start our Flat Stanley project. Will email Mrs Fraher tonight.

    Take care,
    Mrs Murphy

  3. Hello Ms. Fraher and students
    We are a group of second graders in Monroe, North Carolina, USA. We are also learning about others around the world and love to work with other classes on projects. There are 19 of us.
    Check our site out at http://brendatodd.edublogs.org

    Our school has 7 2nd grade classes. We have over 850 students from pre-k to 5th grade. Our school is Rocky River and the school is five years old. Children from many diverse backgrounds are in our room.

    We look forward to following your blog.

    • Dear Ms. Todd,

      I am so glad you commented on our blog. It is great to hear from other classes from around the United States. North Carolina is very different from Arizona. What do you like best about living in North Carolina? The best thing about living in Arizona is that I am now wearing flip flops and shorts. Can’t get better than that! If we want snow, we just need to drive a couple of hours to Flagstaff or Prescott and build a snowman. Have you ever been to Arizona? I have never been to North Carolina. Maybe your class will teach us a little about your state. We have a couple of posts talking about the Sonoran Desert and Tombstone, Arizona famous for the gunfight at the OK Corral. We will definitely add your blog to our blogroll. Thanks for visiting our site and following us. Collaboration is the best way to learn!

      Mrs. Gina Fraher

  4. Hello,
    The last comment came back so I guess you didn’t get it.
    I grew up in Virginia which is the state to the north of NC. I like the mountains the best in both states. It is nice for people who like both beaches and mountains that we are located between them.
    My students have various background cultures so we are a diverse group.
    We found it interesting with your comparisons of birds and digital footprints in your post.
    The weather here goes up and down. One day this week it was 73 F and yet today’s forecast is for the 50’s.

  5. Hi Mrs Fraher and Class
    Our class in England (A Room with a View) is looking forward to sharing the Flat Stanley project with your class and others around the globe. Where you live is so very different from where we are! I was looking at all the birds that you see around and about… and I think the only one that is the same as we might see is the house sparrow. Sometimes we have pheasants that wander across our field (there’s a regular called Freddy who’s often out there!), but in general the birds we see are not nearly so colourful as those on your doorstep!
    How wonderful to have mac books and i-pads to use in class! We would love to have one to use… occasionally I take my i-Pad into class and we are just working out ways to use it to further our learning, but it would be great to have one that belonged to our class full-time! You are very lucky!
    There are 26 students in our class.. and we love to collaborate too! Check out our class blog: http://middlehampri2.posterous.com
    Looking forward to working with you!
    Mrs M & Class 2, UK.

    • Mrs. M and Class,

      Thank you for your comment. I am excited about the Flat Stanley project as well. One of my favorite things about blogging is the connections you can make and the relationships that can be built globally. Without it we would never have known about each other. Your land is very different than us. Living in the Sonoran Desert is a wonderful place because of the diversity, but we certainly do not have your green views and rain. Although our desert is considered a “green desert” because of the variety of trees and shrubs we have. You should see how excited we get when there is rain. It’s funny you should say that about our birds being so colorful. Until I started this project with the kids, I had no clue about the variety of birds we have, and I was born here! Arizona is a popular birding site among professional and amateur birders.
      I am fortunate to work for a district that values technology and the important role it plays in today’s student. The only reason why I have the iPods and iPads are through a couple of grants I won. If that is something you want for your class, you could look for grants to fund it. I love the name of your blog. I couldn’t come up with anything original! Bummer! How long have you been blogging? We will definitely add your class onto our blog role.
      Hear from you soon,
      Mrs. Fraher and Class

  6. Hi Mrs Fraher and Class,
    We’ve been blogging for almost ONE WHOLE YEAR! What a lot we’ve learned in that time. I love the way we have connected with classrooms around the world, and although it can be time consuming, it is also rewarding. It’s great to know a classroom in the desert – we’ll add you to our blog buddies list, too!
    We called ourselves ‘A Room with a View’ because we can see Middleham Castle from our classroom window, as well as a wide green expanse of beautiful Wensleydale – we are truly blessed with our beautiful location!
    Mrs M & Class 2

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  10. Dear Campbell I loved your blog post it was amazing. You put so much work into it. It make’s it more fun to look at. How do you do that to your work.

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