Facts You May Not Know…Benjamin Franklin

Hi, my name is Nicholas, and I am here to answer the question…

Who was Benjamin Franklin?

Founding Father of America

Founding Father of America

Benjamin Franklin is a god of smartness, creativity and a founding father of America. He worked harder than a beaver building a house for a giant because he traveled many places. He also had to fight for justice, not in a physical way, but using his skills as an engineer and courier. He was one of the founding fathers of America and deserves respect all over the world! Benjamin Franklin died of a sickness during his grand children’s play…sad.  You can find his tombstone in ‘Christ Church Cemetery in  Philadelphia.

Here I am doing my presentation for our Constitution Celebration.

Here I am doing my presentation for our Constitution Celebration.

Can you find the figurative language I used in my paragraph?

13 thoughts on “Facts You May Not Know…Benjamin Franklin

  1. Hi Nick,

    I see you are a Captain America fan, sweet we love Marvel guys. I really enjoyed your blog, especially the point about deserving respect. Without Mr. Franklin we would not have electricity. Nate and I found out he also invented swim fins, which are used for snorkeling, and also bifocals for glasses. Nate says that your beaver building a house for a giant is your figurative language sentence. Is he right? 🙂

  2. The figurative language you used was “god of smartness”, “worked harder than a beaver”, and “a house for a giant”. By the way, I did not know he died during his grandchildren’s play. That is very sad. Great job Nicholas!

  3. Dear Nicholas,
    I really like the figurative phrase you used in this blog….. It’s actually quite funny, I have never heard of a beaver building a house for a giant but it’s good to learn that Benjamin Franklin was such a hard courageous worker.
    Did you know that he was such a hard worker, that during this time of building a house, using his imagination inventing things that help make Americans life so much easier and having many job duties but he also was able to teach himself five different languages. Amazing talent, I’d say. He definitely deserves to be honored and respected till this day because of all he has accomplished. Did you enjoy learning the facts about Benjamin Franklin and sharing them with us?

    • I did not know that he taught himself five different languages. Thanks for sharing with me and yes I did enjoy learning facts about Ben and sharing them!

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