Thomas Jefferson by Peta

Hi, my name is Peta.  This is a Voki that I made about Thomas Jefferson and what he did.  I made this because I read a book about him.  Our class is learning about the beginning of America and the people who were helpful to America.



Could you add more facts about Thomas Jefferson?  Our class would love to know more.

25 thoughts on “Thomas Jefferson by Peta

  1. Yay! Peta, this was amazing! Great job with your research and putting it all together into this presentation. I hope you’re having lots of fun in third grade 🙂
    Ms. Pjura

  2. Great job Peta. Your hard work payed off, this is amazing! I did not know that Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th. Thanks for sharing. Your presentation was fun AND factual 🙂

    • I loved seeing your presentation in class! Did you know that in when British troops attacked the Library of Congress in 1814 and burned all of the books, Thomas Jefferson offered to sell the Library his personal collection as replacement? His personal collection had 6487 books in it. Do you know how much the Library of Congress paid Jefferson for his books?

  3. Dear peta You did a great job on your blog post Peta! Did you know that Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th? Your blog is awesome! <3 <3

  4. Dear, peta nice blog you did a good job? I learned lots of stuff on Thomas Jefferson .
    I did not know Thomas Jefferson was a Son of Liberty.
    What else did Thomas Jefferson do?

  5. Dear Peta,

    Your blog had a lot of great facts. I learned a lot of facts on Thomas Jefferson.
    I didn’t know Thomas Jefferson was a son of liberty.
    How did you get all the information?

  6. Peta,
    Nice job on this presentation, all this online practice will help you so much in the future when you are older. Here are a couple fun facts Nate and I found about Thomas Jefferson:
    He really loved books, he once told John Adams (our 2nd US President) that he could not live without books!
    He loved stargazing and he designed what may have been the first US observatory. I bet he would have loved the moon eclipse last night. Did you see it?

  7. Thanks Conner
    I learned all that information from the book” Who was Tomas Jefferson”.
    Do you like history?
    If you do then you should read it.

  8. Great job Peta! Did you know that Thomas Jefferson was also a Governor of Virginia, Secretary of State, and a Vice President? He was quite a busy man in politics.

  9. Such a fantastic job Peta! I really enjoyed watching your voki on Thomas Jefferson and very nice on your presentation as well. I’m sure you are proud of yourself, like all of us are for you!!!

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