Constitution Week 2014

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It is so important for children to understand the sacrifices our ancestors gave toward making our country a free and amazing place to live.  So, each September we learn about the birth of America and some of the important places that symbolize our freedoms.  This year we observed Constitution Day with our family and friends.

Take a look…

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What do you like most about America?

8 thoughts on “Constitution Week 2014

    • Dear Lola’s mom,

      Thank you for your comment. I know the students will appreciate the compliment they received. I am very impressed with their work as well. During the presentation, I heard a lot of parents saying, “Oh, I didn’t know that.” I learned some things as well. Did you learn any new facts?

  1. Dear Mrs. Fraher’s Class,

    I love the freedoms we have in America. Furthermore, I’m delighted that our children partake in Constitution Week! Thank you for spending time on such an important part of our history and culture.

    I loved watching the slides on Smilebox since I wasn’t able to be there that day! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Em’s Mom

  2. Yes! That the Washington Monument was made from two different marbles. I’ve seen it before and never noticed. Will look for it if ever back in DC!

  3. I loved the presentations. I learned so much about the flag that I didn’t know. I also thought it very interesting that the Washington Monument was made out of different materials because they has to construct over several years. The kids did especially well speaking loud and proud on their topics.

    • Zane’s mom,

      Thank you for your comment. I am glad you learned things. It was great having you there to show your support. Have you ever seen the Washington Monument in person?

  4. I know that Natalie was excited to show everyone the pledge in sign language. She practiced so much! Thank you for sharing the pictures. I wish I could have been there.

    • Natalie’s mom,

      Thank you for your comment. After watching the slide show, it was almost like you were there! Maybe you can come to our next Family Folly Day.

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