Patriotic Extravaganza!

WOW, what a week we had.  Since September 17th was Constitution Day, our class decided to go all out and celebrate the week in style!  It was a great way to dig into our nonfiction text and practice using text features.  We focused on the main idea and supporting details to help us create our projects. Take a look at all of the things we learned, celebrated, and created.  You will be amazed!

We have learned a great deal about the birth of our country and how important some of our country’s symbols and people are.  The Bill of Rights is also very important to all United States citizens.  Watch our paper slide to find out why.

by Emily and Megan

Here is our project about the Statue of Liberty.  It is an important symbol of freedom to our country.  Watch our projects to learn more.

Puppet Pal by Chance and Jaden

Glogster by Brenna and Kaitlynn

statue of liberty from GFraher on Vimeo.

What do you like about America?

statue of liberty from GFraher on Vimeo.

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