An American Symbol Soars Into Our Learning

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We are always on the lookout for a good way to collaborate and learn new things.  Just sit back, get comfy, and listen to what we have been experiencing the last few days.  It’ll knock your red, white, and blue socks off!

Our class is very interested in all things involving our country. We are all wearing our patriotic colors to show our pride in the United States.

It all started with an email Miss Hall, our speech teacher, sent us because she knows how much we love technology and birds.  The email contained a site that provides live cameras on different animals.  This happened to contain a link to a live camera on a bald eagle nest in Tennessee!  So, we jumped on right away and were instantly caught up in the life of Franklin, Frank for short, and Indy (Independence).  Frank and Indy are non-release eagles who are currently caring for two baby eagles.  Franklin and Independence are in their 20’s and have been together since 2000.  They have had 29 eaglets together. 

Bet you are wanting to see them, huh?  In a little bit…

No, this isn’t Indy or Frank but it is a bald eagle who loves the USA!

We had so many questions!  Mrs. Fraher noticed a chat going on next to the live feed and she asked if we could jump in and ask questions.  The people in the chat were so nice to let us spend some time asking all about these two eagles.  We had to take turns asking the questions.  They sent us a whole bunch of links and pictures to use.  Here is what we learned:

So, you see how much we learned.  To learn more about the eagles and American Eagle Foundation click on the words.  We think it is so important to be aware that humans are the biggest threat to eagles and many other species.  Our carelessness and lack of information is harmful to the animals in which we share the earth.

After learning about the eagle and keeping it safe, what do you think you could do to help protect these majestic birds?

Why do you think the eagles were named Franklin and Independence?



18 thoughts on “An American Symbol Soars Into Our Learning

  1. Dear Mrs. Fraher’s class,

    Wow, you have learned so much! You had so many facts in your slide show about eagles. Did you learn all of that by asking the experts questions? What else did you find amazing or interesting about the eagles?

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

  2. Mrs. Watanabe,

    Thank you for your post on our blog. We did learn a lot. It was fun watching the eagles feed their babies. Did you know a baby eagle is called an eaglet? We learned that from the chat room. Mrs. Fraher said that they gave us the chat room all to ourselves so we could ask questions. We also learned that a mother or father eagle will close their talons and tuck them in when they are close to the eaglets. Their talons are very powerful.

    Something exciting that we just found out was that they are going to let us help name the two babies we have been watching. When they become fledglings they will name them. We get to help! It is exciting. The names have to be patriotic, geographic, or historic. Do you have any ideas?

    Warm wishes,
    Mrs. Fraher’s Class

  3. I learned that from birth it takes 11-13 weeks for eagles to learn to fly. I liked the chat because the people who were talking to us about eagles, actually wanted to talk to us like they were exited, because when we joined they said they cant wait for us to come to chat. I liked the eagle camera because we got to see what the eagles do in life. I think humans can help eagles by not building so much land on there habitats. It was really cool to talk to the professionals. I cant wait to talk to them again!

  4. Dear Mrs.Fraher,
    I learned that eagles can lay 2-3 eggs at time I though thay lay one at a time. I like that we saw the eagles on cam and talked to eagle experts.
    One question how many eagles are in North America?

    • Jordan,

      That is a really good question. It would be something I would have to research. Thank you for posting a comment.

  5. I learned that eagles have a special membrane that works like a windshield wiper. I learned that eagles sight during the day is amazing. I liked the chat because they could answer any question we have. I liked the camera because we could see what the eagles were doing at that exact time. humans are the biggest threat to eagles right now. humans can help by not killing, hurting or injuring eagles.

  6. Dear Mrs. Fraher,

    I learned that the nest is so much bigger than I thought. I liked the camera because, it helps us learn. Humans can help by stoping led poisoning.

    Your student,

  7. Something I learned is eaglets aren’t named in till they can fly.
    why I like the chat is because you got to learn so much about eagles.
    How we can help is by stop hunting them.

  8. Dear Mrs. Fraher
    I learned a lot from this. I learned that eagles will not digest their foods bones instead they will make pellets like an owl. I like doing this because we are just meting someone in the world and starting to make a friend. I Like how we can see how eagles live. I think humans can pick up trash so eagles wont pick it up and die from it.

  9. I learned that an eagles wing span can be 6 feet long. The thing that I liked about the chat and camera thing was that they could answer everything we asked. Humans can help by not hurting them.

  10. Dear Mrs.Fraher
    I learned eagles have good eye sight during the day.i liked how we could talk to real eagle experts. Humans can help by not hunting eagles when they see one. I LOVE EAGLES!

  11. so cool that we got to watch eagles. loved it so much was a very fun experience. I bet no other teacher would show eagles and let us talk to people who are experts on eagles. very cool that we even got to name baby eagles

  12. Hi Mrs Fraher and class
    I’m from Australia
    I thought it would be interesting to look at other classes blogs from other countries. It is interesting to see what other schools do! Maybe your class could do a project on Australia to see how different it is!

    • Dear Lily,

      Thank you for your comment. I am glad you were able to visit our blog. My class has done several projects on Australia and worked with some classes in Australia. We learned a lot of things. What do you think are the major differences Australia and United States?

      Warm regards,

      Mrs. Fraher

  13. Things that are different:
    The amount of people
    The accent
    The weather
    When the seasons are
    celebrating special occasions

    If you would like to look at my class blog it’s Ms Ellerton in Australia or Tasmania 5/6EW. We haven’t put much on yet!

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