Something’s Fishy Around Here

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Our class had a wonderful time fishing with Mrs. Goucher’s Class at Water Ranch in Gilbert.  We were lucky to be part of a grant Mrs. Goucher had received through the Arizona Game and Fish Department.  A representative from Arizona Game and Fish came the day before the field trip to teach us about fishing and the fish species found in Arizona lakes and streams.

After some time fishing, we went on a walk around the preserve.  There were many bird species, wildflowers, and all kinds of insects for us to observe.

We would love to hear about some of your fishing experiences.

Do you have a fishing tale about the fish “that got away?”

Take a look at our fishing tale.

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4 thoughts on “Something’s Fishy Around Here

  1. I think our fishing field trip was fun. I caught one thing on the field trip and that was a rock. I think it was fun to have your own provided fishing rod, casting and having your own fishing spot. Even though I didn’t actually catch a living thing I still had a lot of fun and will never forget our fishing field trip.

  2. This was so fun!! First time i ever went fishing. It was awesome that someone caught a fish! Only one person caught a fish. My uncle got to come on the field trip. He helped a lot of kids get the bait on. I felt a fish yank on my rod but when I reeled it in the bait was gone……. bummer :(. Other then that the field trip was great I hope i get to go fishing again!

  3. I learned that the eagle can travel miles in the air.

    I like the camera and the chat because if your watching what the eagle is doing and you have a question you can just ask them on the side and they will answer it to you.

    Humans can help by leaving them alone and don’t kill them and tell your friends not to and they will tell there friends and they will tell there friends and then the whole world and we can help the eagles from coming extinct.

  4. Dear Mrs. Fraher’s class,

    That is so cool that you got to go fishing for a field trip. That must have been fun. Karissa said you guys saw a dead catfish.

    Your Friend,

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