Bird, Bird…Bird is the Word!

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Our class is so excited to start our Project Feeder Watch program this year!  This is the third year in a row that Mrs. Fraher’s class has participated in this project through Cornell University.  Why not start it out with a bang?

Mrs. Goucher’s fourth grade class joined us one sunny Friday morning along with parents from both classes.  There was a great deal of excitement from both rooms.  Students had a great time participating in activities centered on birds.  Owl pellet dissection, making bird feeders, learning bird calls, going on a bird hunt, and creating bird art using different materials were just a few fun projects they were involved with.

Are you interested in seeing what we did?  Well, check this out:


Here some things our class likes about birds:

Trevor:  I like that there are so many different kinds of bird and that they are so colorful.

Avery:  I think it is cool that some birds can talk.

Tyler:  I like birds because they look so cute when they peek into our classroom window.

Brooke:  Birds puff up their feathers and it makes them look like a puffball.

Alexis:  That all species of birds make different sounds and you can tell the different birds by their sounds. 

Check out what these students think about birds.

Garrison:  It is interesting to look at all of the species of birds because they have different beaks, feet and feather colors.

Kyle:  I think it is cool that they can takes a bunch of sticks and with their beak they can make a nest.

Emma:  I like birds because you can have them as pets and feed them.

Trinity:  Some birds are nocturnal, like an owl and that you can’t hear their wings flap because of the special feathers they have.

Tyler:  I like birds because they help spread pollen to make flowers.

Skyler: I like birds because they are so different and some don’t even fly.  

Anne:  I like watching how their patterns change on their feathers and they get more beautiful as they grow.

What do you like about birds?

6 thoughts on “Bird, Bird…Bird is the Word!

  1. I too am amazed by all that birds can do. Building nests, knowing where to fly and land, and finding bugs to eat are things they do that facinate me. My favorite bird and the one that amazes me the most is the hummingbird! It sounds like you all really enjoyed observing the birds!!! You can keep doing that everywhere !!!

    • I agree with you. Birding, or the act of observing birds, can happen anywhere. Hummingbirds are amazing animals. I have to admit that birds of prey are my favorite. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Hi Mrs. Fraher and class,

    I am thrilled that both your class and Mrs. Goucher’s class gets to experience this amazing collaboration with Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology.

    I was wondering, how often do you see Road Runners? After living in Arizona for 15 years, I’m still mesmerized by them. I enjoy watching their quick movements, especially when they hunt their prey. One visits our yard every once in a while, and I wonder what it’s eating. What do you think it might eat?

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

    • Mrs. Watanabe,

      Unfortunately, in the three years I have been doing this project, we have only seen a roadrunner one time. There is one roaming around the desert wash, but he is a quick little thing and hard to see. We keep trying, though. I think it has to do with what a roadrunner eats. They like quail eggs, lizards, and insects. We don’t have any of that at our feeders.

      This has been a wonderful collaboration with Mrs. Goucher. I am glad we get to work so closely together.

      What birds did you have where you used to live?

  3. I see you are watching the birds again with your class. What kind of bird is the class favorite?

    You really have a nice view to watch the birds so closely. The third graders at our school get to dissect owl pellets in their science unit.

    Enjoy your birding.

  4. Mrs. Todd,

    Thank you for your comment. We enjoy our birds. The Northern Cardinal is always a favorite, and recently we have had three or four Harris Hawks flying around the area and have landed on our feeders a couple of times. We feed the squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits to purposely draw in the birds of prey. they have to eat, too! Do you or your class have any favorite birds?

    Mrs. Fraher

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