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Oreos were the name of the game one week recently.  After getting the idea from Projects by Jen, our class dived in with eagerness.

Take a look at some of the many things we did.

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Here is the important question…

How do you eat your Oreo?

8 thoughts on “Oreo Project

    • Lily,

      Thank you for your comment. I will look forward to visiting your blog. What part of blogging do you enjoy the most?

      Mrs. Fraher

  1. Dear Mrs Fraher and class,
    I can’t believe you found so many things to do with Oreos! I especially liked your drawings using your imagination to show what the Oreo could be. Although we sometimes see Oreos in our shops, they are nowhere near as common here as in the US. We don’t even call them cookies, we call them biscuits. Did you know that the word biscuit comes from the French ‘bis cuit’ meaning twice baked? Do you ever use the word biscuit?
    Our most popular biscuit is a kitkat. Do you get those in America?
    By the way, it is snowing here in the frozen north of England!! Enjoy your sunshine!
    Your friends
    Mrs Monaghan and A Room with a View

    • Hello, Mrs. Monaghan and class,

      Thank you for your comment on our Oreo Project. The Oreo Project was really fun and it was great coming up with the ideas. The idea for the project came from a site called Projects by Jen. You should check it out. Be glad you don’t see Oreos very much. They are unhealthy! Did you know someone tried to get them banned for sale in California because they were so bad for you? Doesn’t seem to stop people from eating them. What foods do you have in England that are really bad for your health?

      There seems to be a lot of differences in the vocabulary between US and England. It would be fun to do a project between our classes with that as the topic. For us, a biscuit is something you smother in gravy for breakfast. We have Kitkats but they are chocolate candy bars. Do you usually get snow at this time? Our high today will be 70 degrees. Definitely lovin’ it! Have a great day.

      Mrs. Fraher’s Class

  2. Hello Mrs. Fraher and Class,

    This is Avery’s aunt Delandra in Oregon. I have to say you guys did more with Oreo cookies in one day than I could have ever dreamed of doing in a lifetime!!

    I’m glad to see that Avery eats her Oreo cookies just like me by scraping off the stuffing with her teeth and saving the cookie part for last…

    Have a great day,


  3. Highest oreo stack think about 35. It is much harder than it looks.
    Think about stacking chiped oreos cracked oreos it would be so uneven

  4. Dear Mrs. Fraher,
    I love your blog! I think Mrs. Goucher and the class did the oreo project too. Its pretty fun if I say so myself. c: It looks like you and the class had a pretty fun year! I hope I can see you soon. We miss you! Hope we can teach the lesson to your class soon on video!

    Your Friend,

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