Galapagos Island: Mysteries in the Ocean

Our class is reading a story called “Wild Shots, They’re My Life” in reading this week.  

To help us build background we are watching these videos in class.

The story is about a woman who grew up on the Galapagos Island and became a photographer.  Through her pictures, we learn about some of the many species of animals found on the island.  Since she grew up on the island, it was easy for her to blend in and get good pictures because she was so familiar with the locations.

To extend our learning, we will also become photographers using the digital cameras in our class.  We won’t be taking photos of the Galapagos Islands, but we will take photos of the Sonoran Desert.  Since we are living in the Sonoran Desert, it will be a great opportunity to connect with the author, as well as learning more about the plant and animal species around us.  Stay tuned to see what we took photos of!

Predict what pictures we will be taking.

Do you think we will take photos of elephants?  

How about coyotes or bobcats?

Think about what lives in the Sonoran Desert and that will help you make your prediction.

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