Constitution Week Fun!

WOW, what a week we had.  Since September 17th was Constitution Day, our class decided to go all out and celebrate the week in style!  Take a look at all of the things we learned, celebrated, and created.  You will be amazed!

Brooke and Morgan created two Vokis on the White House.

Mastin used one of our class iPads to make a Puppet Pal Play.  You will learn about why the Boston Tea Party happened.

Boston Tea Party from GFraher on Vimeo.

Mastin uses Puppet Pals to tell the story of the Boston Tea Party.

Many others made slide shows to teach us about the founding fathers and some American symbols.  

We dressed up in our patriotic best:

 Take a look at the week in review:

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7 thoughts on “Constitution Week Fun!

  1. Dear class,

    I was so impressed with your presentations and poetry at the Patriotic Party. I know that people will see these and be very happy about your work. I hope you have a chance to show your parents this blog because they will be very proud of you.

    What part of the Constitution Week did you enjoy the best? was it the guest readers, the Ribbons of Respect, writing the poetry, working on the technology projects, learning about the American Revolution? I am curious to know. Please write me a thoughtful comment and tell me what your favorite part was and why it was your favorite. Thank you for being such a wonderful class!

    Mrs. Fraher

  2. Dear Mrs. Fraher

    Thank you for our little party. I bet they liked our secret skit. My favorite one was well I think all of them. I liked making the slide show with Clair. Are we going to do that again?

  3. Dear Mrs.Fraher,

    Thank you for the awesome party! It was so fun! I had fun making the voki. You did a really good job on the decorations! I loved the Patriotic Party! It was fun!!!

    I wonder if we are ever going to do that again? When are we going to do that again? What will be the theme of the party?

    My favorite part from the Constitution week was probably learning about the Revolutionary War!!! Hope we do it again!!

  4. Dear Mrs.Fraher,

    You are a very fun teacher. Because you come up with awesome ideas. My favorite part of constitution week was when the statue of liberty came. And I wanted to know what next weeks theam is?

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