Snowball Fun at Peralta Trail

Our school is so lucky to have a group of parents who value education and want to help out in any way they can.  One important way the parents from our school showed their support was to become members of our PAWS parent group.  

To encourage participation, PAWS held a contest.  The top three classes with the highest number of parent/grandparent memberships would win some time having fun with snowballs.  Now in the Valley of the Sun, we don’t get to see this very often, so the kids were very excited to see that our class won!  We had 22 family members become PAWS members, which was the highest of all other classes.  

Take a look at some of the action…

Snowball Fun at Peralta Trail from GFraher on Vimeo.

Three classes from Peralta Trail won some snowball fun because they had the most parent members in their class.   Thank you, PAWS, for a wonderful time!

Have you ever played in the snow before?  

Have you ever lived in a place where it snowed in the winter?

Tell us about it.


4 thoughts on “Snowball Fun at Peralta Trail

  1. Dear Mrs Fraher and class,
    What a very funny video! It made me laugh to see snowballs and t-shirts & shorts at the same time… while you were having your snowball fun we were having floods here in the North of England – in fact it was so bad, our school had to close – the roads were flooded and our town was cut off, so the buses couldn’t get through to bring the children who live in the small villages, and the teachers couldn’t make it either – although some of them had pretty hair-raising attempts to get in! Most years we will have one or two days where the school has to close because of snow – although some of the children who walk to school can get in, the buses and the teacher’s cars often can’t get through the snow-blocked roads. When it snows, we love to build snowmen and igloos, have snowball fights and go sledging down hills. It’s hard to imagine a place where there is no snow at all for us!
    Mrs M

    • Mrs. Monaghan,

      Thank you for your comment. I thought it was kind of funny as well. Kids were bringing mittens to play in the snow. So, they had mittens on their hands and flip flops on their feet. They had a blast, though. It was a creative reward for my class because we had the most PTO memberships. Does your school do any creative rewards?

      Gina Fraher

  2. At present we don’t have a PTO (or PTFA as they are called over here – parents, teachers and friends association) at our school. I’m not quite sure why, as most schools do, and they play an invaluable role in fundraising for the school. The idea of creative rewards is great! We have a lot of events which involve parents in the life of the school, but they are generally teacher-organised rather than the other way around.
    Proper autumn here now – leaves changing colour and falling off the trees, conkers & blackberries! And frost on the car windscreen in the morning… things you can only dream of!
    Mrs M

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