Desert Teachers!

We are so excited to become desert teachers for Mrs. Spasic’s class in Indiana.  You might be thinking how are we going to teach a class in Indiana if we are in Arizona?  Well, we are going to Skype with each other.

Like any good teacher we will have to learn about our topic.  Some of us will be teaching about a certain desert animal and the others will teach about a type of desert plant.

Doing a little bit of research using our Netbooks.

As you know research can be kind of tricky when you are a kid.  Some of the sites are too hard to read for eight year olds and the others may not have safe content.  So, Mrs. Fraher uses Symbaloo to help us target our research to sites that are appropriate for us to learn.  

Have you ever used Symbaloo?

Here is the link she put together for us to use to gather our research.  We will read through the information and fill out a graphic organizer.  




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  1. Dear Mrs.Fraher

    Hi Mrs.fraher how are you.My favorite thing we did at the party was the play we did.What was your favorite thing you did at the party.My favorite snack there was the cookies with the blue frosting.What was your favorite snack was.Hope you write back to me.

    your student,

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