The Marshmallow Incident in Room 207

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Marshmallows flying through the air with the greatest of ease…what!  Room 207 had a Marshmallow Incident of their own after reading the book, The Marshmallow Incident by Judi Barrett.  You may recognize her name.  She is the author of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Pickles to Pittsburgh.  

The story is about two towns, Town of Left and the Town of Right, who cannot get along.  There is a dotted yellow line separating the two towns and no one dares cross it-until one day someone trips and fall to the other side.  Needless to say the towns have a conflict on their hands.  This book is great to help with conflict resolution.

After reading the story, our class decided to have a marshmallow incident of our own.  This was a great event to bring in parents and help us get to know each other a little better.  We had several events:  MarshKabobs, Marshmallow Relay, Marshmallow Buildings, and the Marshmallow Catapult.   Take a look at the fun being had by students and parents!

After the festivities, we had a little time left over for some problem solving.  Students were challenged to make the tallest stack of marshmallows as they could with one bag of large marshmallows.  To begin, they were given time to brainstorm and plan.  

Collaborating at its best!

Then they began to build.  It became very clear that marshmallows are hard to stack.

Boy, this stack will not stay up!

One group began thinking outside the box and realized that I didn’t say they couldn’t use the bag the marshmallows came in.  So, they piles the marshmallows in the bag as a base and then used the rest to make it taller.  

The winning team!

What was your favorite marshmallow event?


3 thoughts on “The Marshmallow Incident in Room 207

  1. Thank you Mrs.Fraher

    Thank you Mrs.Fraher for having the marshmallow incident it was really fun. I liked the marsh kabobs because you could put frosting and sprinkles on them and eat them when your done you could eat them. I also liked the catapult because you had to use spoons and launch it in to the bucket you also had a partner it was fun. I also liked the relay race cause you had to suck the marshmallows with a straw and put it in from cup to cup.

    Will we do this but with something else instead of marshmallows?
    Can we do the building thing instead of marshmallows?

  2. The marsh mellow incident was awesome I loved it. It was so fun. I loved it.

    My favorite one was when you got to make the marshmallow kabobs they were very yummy. They were very tasty. Yum!!!!

    I wonder what marsh mellows are made out of they are very yummy!!! I hope we could do it again!!

  3. I liked it because we got to eat marshcobobs. And we got to shoot a marshmellow in to the bucket.The marshcobobbs were very good.

    I have always dremed about that.

    What was your favorite thing?

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