Officers Descend on Third Grade!

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What would you think if officers came to your class?  Well, that happened with the third grade students in our class!  Don’t worry!  We were excited to see them.  Our class read the book Officer Buckle and Gloria.

This book is a fantasy because there are events in the story that can’t happen in real life.  It is about an officer who talks with students at schools about safety.  No one was listening to him, so they had Gloria, a police dog, come and help him.  More kids listened after Gloria came, but a new problem came up.  You will have to read the book to see what that problem was.

Well, our class wanted to make some connections between the fantasy character of Gloria and real police dogs in our community.  Mrs. Fraher invited Pinal County Sheriff’s K-9 Unit to help us connect the world to our text. We had a visit from LJ and Nauro with their partners.  

Take a look at the video of their visit:

Pinal County K-9 Unit Visit from GFraher on Vimeo.

One of the most important things we learned after their visit is that the dogs consider their job as play.  They are trained and rewarded using toys.  They don’t think they are hurting anyone, just playing.  The bad guy they are after doesn’t think that, though!  Another thing we learned was that Nauro and LJ live with the officers they work along side. 

Do you know anything about police dogs that you can share with us?

How do you think Gloria in Officer Buckle is the same as Nauro and LJ?  

How is she different?




3 thoughts on “Officers Descend on Third Grade!

  1. Wow, Mrs. Fraher, you’ve done it again! What a spectacular experience for your students to have!

    While I don’t know much about police dogs, I did find this site with many other links to police dogs. I wonder which link will be your students favorite.

    Thanks so much for all you do!

    Mrs. Watanabe

  2. I sure liked our k9 visit. after school I like to cuddle up with my annabelle after a long day.

    I liked k9 lj the best.

    I am glad to have my annabelle and lexi they sure make me feel safe.
    Mrs.fraher I wish I could meet your dog barker.

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