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Backpacks, pencils, markers, and new clothes are all over Peralta Trail as we start a new school year.  Of course, a new year can’t start without a new classroom.  Over the summer, I spent time organizing, hanging, building, and moving my class around.  Here are some pictures to document the occasion!

Stacks of stuff everywhere!

I even had some helpers come in and put together some shelves. Thanks, friends and family!


Soon the class was finished and ready for Meet Your Teacher Night!

Twenty-four desks ready for 24 kids!

A place to get caught up in some reading!

The library and word wall. Lots of opportunities to read!

My area where I work before and after school.

Time for Meet Your Teacher Night!  We had some great families come through and participate in a Scavenger Hunt.  Just take a look at the explorers they turned out to be!

Fun Times at Meet Your Teacher on PhotoPeach

 It looks like we are off to a great year!

What would you like to learn during your new year?

If you are not in school, think about when you were in school.  What did you learn or do that you will never forget?



2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Love the silly pictures of all the families!!! It looks like you are off to a great start and have an exciting year ahead!!!! I am looking forward to seeing all the cool things you do!!!!!

  2. In answer ro your question, I will always remember some of my teachers reading great stories to us!!! I think that is why read alouds were always my favorite part of teaching. I always loved the expressions in their voices and how they kept every story interesting. We didn’t have computers, or a lot of the other things you have today, but we had great projects to do and other fun ways to learn!

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