A Flat Friend Farewell

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Before we left for summer vacation, our class finished up a project based from the Flat Stanley books.

Our class on the field trip. This is one of the memories we wrote about with our Flat Friends in Australia.

Have you read one of them?  What did you like about it?

We read the book and then collaborated with teachers in Australia, England, and United States on a project that took many months.

Here is what we did.  First, we read the book.  Then we created Flat Selves and a Flat Friend Journal.  

Here is Flat Stanley. Our Flat Selves looked like us but had the same shape of body...FLAT!

This journal would travel with our Flat Self to another class around the world.  Our Flat Selves started in Point Lonsdale, Australia.  They stayed their for a couple of weeks getting to know the children that lived there.  

Here is a video on what they did:

This was video created by Mrs. Murphy, the teacher in Australia who had our flat selves.  The children there write in our journals about the exciting places and things they did with our Flat Selves.

Meanwhile, we had two different classes sent to us.  We had Mrs. Murphy’s class from Point Lonsdale in Australia for awhile and then  Mrs. Todd’s class from Rocky River, North Carolina.  We wrote in their journals about the adventures they had with us.  It was a fun way to practice our writing!

Have you ever been to Australia or North Carolina?  Tell us what you saw. 

Here is a video we created to show what we did with our Flat Friends.

Just like some stories, this one had a sad ending.  After visiting with Mrs. Murphy’s class, they were sent to another school in Australia-Curl Curl North Public School in Curl Curl, Australia.  We never received our Flat Selves back from this school.  Hopefully, they will arrive so we can find out what amazing adventures we had with others around the world. 

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful time with our Flat Friends.  We will have many fond memories to look back on.  

Australia, North Carolina, and Arizona are so far apart, but we learned that no matter where we live we are all the same when it comes to enjoying life.  We also learned that our differences make us unique and a blast to get to know!

2 thoughts on “A Flat Friend Farewell

  1. Ms. Fraher,
    I like the way you put all the adventures together on your main blog site.
    I hate you never got yours returned from Curl, Curl. I’m sure the kids were disappointed.

    We enjoyed the Flat Stanley project and my kids really enjoyed the Skype learning about your legend and area. They also liked seeing the wildlife and making comparisions.

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. Our media specialist just moved back to Phoenix, Arizona. We will miss her. She actually taught some of my kids in first grade before she moved into the media center.

    I hope you have a restful summer break.

  2. Dear Mrs.Fraher,
    As you know i was born in North Carolina. The weather was very differrent there. They had true seasons. It snowed in the winter, the leaves changed beautiful colors in the fall, it rained in the spring for the flowers to bloom and it got hotter in the summer so we could swim. It doesn’t get super hot like here in Arizona. And it is very rare for it to snow here in Arizona, that is something that I really like about North Carolina.

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