Arizona Spring: A Wonderful Surprise

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As summer begins heating up in the Valley of the Sun, we can look back on our Arizona spring with fond memories.  This spring was especially beautiful because of the increased rainfall in the winter.  Our class even used this time to write some poetry commemorating the event.


Spring is a bright flower blooming
Spring is joyful noise
Spring is a tree sharing its color
Spring is awesome

by Isaiah

Spring in Arizona is a wonderful surprise because of the unexpected splashes of color everywhere you look.  Here is a video a group of classmates made to show new life coming to the desert in the spring.

Try our slideshow creator at Animoto.

We were lucky to see all of this evidence near our school.  We watched the baby hummingbirds and squirrels grow right before I eyes as we went about our busy school days.  To our class, that was a celebration.  It made us think about the book “I’m in Charge of Celebrations” by Byrd Baylor.  She writes her books in free verse poetry.

Sometimes when people think about cacti, they only think of the painful spines cacti grow…and they are painful!  In the spring, though, they create colorful blooms reminding us of a colorful sunset.

What do you like best about spring?

Do you prefer a different season over spring?  Why?

2 thoughts on “Arizona Spring: A Wonderful Surprise

  1. Your cacti are beautiful. So different from our plants we sketched in our learning garden. You have a very interesting site for your school.

    I like the fresh spring air when everything comes out green and our spring flowers blooms. I also like our fall once again when things change colors and the air is cooler. I don’t like summer because it gets so hot and humid that it’s not pleasant outside.

    I also like a soft spring rain. Summer brings more thunderstorms and hurricanes blow in.

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