Flat Friends Frolic with Fraher’s Class Family

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We are excited to have our flat friends from Victoria, Australia!  We have had so much fun with our flat friends.  Our flat friends went on the computer and also made birds as friends.  Some of their bird friends were the Curved-Bill Thrasher, Mourning Dove, Cactus Wren, Northern Cardinal. They met them at our classroom window.  On the computer they helped us research about Australia or take a test on the computer. They also had a great time on the playground.  We have written to the them about what adventures they had. We have learned math, spelling, science, and reading with them.

by Hannah and Dianne


We have also spent time at home with our flat friends.  Take a look at some pictures taken at home. 

Going home with Elly...the backpack is a perfect place to take a ride. If your flat you have to be careful.


Justin takes his flat friend to his backyard...maybe to play football. He is a Dallas Cowboys fan. I wonder what his flat friend's favorite team is.


Nicky's flat friends visit the rushing waters of the Salt River. Hold on tight, Nicky! Flat friends don't swim well.


Looks like Christian is rescuing his flat friend from getting eaten by a dinosaur! What a hero!


Time for some snow! Flat friend is lucky. You don't see snow very often where we live!

Do you have a flat friend?  If so, what adventures have you had so far?

If you had a flat friend, what would be some thing you would do?

7 thoughts on “Flat Friends Frolic with Fraher’s Class Family

  1. Wow! It looks like your flat friends are being treated to lots of adventures! But I certainly wasn’t expecting to see snow… is that for real? And if so, is it very unusual? Or has he been taken on a trip somewhere else?
    Mrs M
    A Room with a View

  2. Mrs. M,

    Believe it or not the snow is real. A student took his flat friend up snowboarding over spring break. It is about a three hour drive from us, but there all the same. We also get snow a couple of times where we are in the winter. Just about two weeks ago we had a storm come through and dumped snow on the Superstition Mountains, whose foothills our school is located. We will have a post showing Arizona in the spring so you will see a few pictures of that storm.

    The unique thing about Arizona is that we have pine forests, sand dune deserts, green deserts like the Sonoran, high plateaus, many natural and man-made lakes, and mountainous regions all in one state. Anytime we want to get rid of the shorts and flip flops and do some snow skiing, we head up to Flagstaff or Show Low, each about three hours away. Flagstaff is about an hour from the Grand Canyon, so a lot to do up there. In my opinion, Arizona is the best place to live. What type of regions to have where you live?

  3. Dear Mrs Fraher’s class,

    Where did you get the idea to make paper flat people?

    What kind of rocks are you reading about? What we’re learning about rocks is: We’re learning if we put some water on a rock maybe it will make a reaction. We got this idea from you!

    Hope you have a fun time learning about rock’s. 🙂 😆

    Brian G. in Mr. Salsich’s class

  4. Well in less than three hours we can be in another country… We’re a couple of hours drive from the Scottish border where we live, and in three hours we could make it to Wales too!
    Directly where we are is a National Park, with green rolling valleys, farmland, moorland, and you can also reach the coast in 1.5 hours – and still be in Yorkshire (our county).
    A half hour drive to the nearest railway station and you can get a direct train to London, which will get you there in 2.5 hours – so really the vast diversity of the British Isles is not so difficult to reach!
    I suppose that the big thing we have which you don’t is our historical monuments, and as well as having a castle in our town of Middleham, there are a number of other castles, abbeys, ruined monasteries and sites of historical interest on our doorstep. Just over an hour from here is Hadrian’s Wall, and many Roman sites which are fascinating!
    As I write this, I look out of our window onto a snowy landscape – yes, it’s snowing here, after the warmest March on record!
    Mrs M

  5. Looks like you are having a lot of adventures with your friends.
    It’s amazing how it can be so warm and yet you talk of snow. We are having cool mornings (35 to 40’s) this week for spring break. But the days are breezy and sunny and warm in the 70’s F. Wonderful spring day. The woodpecker is taping away on the dogwood tree outside my porch area. The breeze is blowing, the sun shining in the clear blue sky and birds chirping all day.

    We are located in the Piedmont of North Carolina but can be in the mountains in 2 hours and the beach in around 3.
    The mountains have the Biltimore House, Grandfather Mountain, Boone, Tweetsie Railroad, hiking trails galore, Blue Ridge Parkway and all kinds of outdoor things.

    The beach has lighthouses, sand dunes, many hotels for visitors, beach houses, aquariums and outdoor things to do.

    The Piedmont has larger cities, museums, capital, business, neighborhoods on top of neighborhoods along with farm land with cattle, sheep, horses, llamas.

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