Australia or Bust for Flat Selves!

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How can you send 21 students and their journals to Australia for under $5.00?  It’s easy-make them Flat Selves!

Flat Selves fit just about anywhere and very easy to travel.

Our class is so excited to be participating in a literature project with classes around the globe.  Thanks to the organizational efforts of Mrs. Murphy in Australia, the students in our class have been involved in reading Flat Stanley books and engaging in relevant activities with the books written by Jeff Brown.

We started out making our flat selves into our likeness after reading the first chapter of the book.  Then we created a journal to keep track of our adventures.

Flat Anthony goes home on the bus. His brother looks very excited to have him along for the ride.

After our flat selves were done, they went home to spend some time with family.

Flat Dianne hangs out with her family outside. We have great weather in Arizona!


Then we had sleepovers with our flat friends and write about the event in our flat journals.

Nicky does his homework with the help of Flat Claire. They are both great at math so he should get 100%.

What would you do with a flat friend at your house?

Our flat selves are now bound for Ms. Murphy’s class in Victoria, Australia.

We will be able to travel around the world and collaborate with many other students.  At the same time, we will be hosting many flat friends around the world!  The adventures we have will be tracked through journaling and blogging. We are looking forward to the adventures to come!  What better way to make reading and writing come alive!

Here are the blogs of the classes we will be collaborating with:

Participating schools:
Mrs Murphy’s Class in Victoria, Australia (22 Grade 3/4s)
Mrs Fraher’s Class in Arizona, USA (21 Grade 3’s)
Miss Migan’s Class Sydney, Australia (29 Grade 4s)
Mrs Monaghans Class, England (6 Class 2s will participate)
Mrs Laird’s Class, California USA (24 Grade 3)
Mrs Todd’s Class, North Carolina USA (19 Grade 2’s)

Stay tuned for more of our Flat Adventures…

9 thoughts on “Australia or Bust for Flat Selves!

  1. Dear Mrs Fraher’s Class,

    Your flat selves sure have been busy! I hope they enjoy the rest on the plane ride to Australia. We eagerly await their arrival and can’t wait to meet your flat selves.

    We promise to look after them and show them a great time while they are here in Australia and hopefully fill up their journals with some great adventures.

    Hope our make them safely to you as well and that they behave themselves while in America.
    Mrs Murphy
    Grade 3/4 @ Lonnie

  2. Sounds like you packed well and got a good start traveling the world. We didn’t have time to take our Flat Selves on adventures at home before sending them off. We wrote a letter introducing ourselves and off they went to Australia. When your group of Flat Selves arrive in Arizona what would be one thing that you feel they should see?

  3. Hi Mrs Fraher’s Class
    Great to see that your Flat Stanleys have begun their journey… how long do you think they will take to arrive? Ours took exactly one week to get from Middleham, UK to Sydney, Australia. We had packed a little bit of flat food for them so they survived the journey OK! Now we are eagerly awaiting a parcel in return… let’s hope they arrive this week! We’ve got all kinds of adventures lined up for them!
    Mrs M
    A Room with a View

  4. Dear Mrs Fraher’s class,

    The office staff came into me today with a very impressive white parcel…. HOW EXCITING! Your flat selves arrived. They made it all the way to Australia.

    We are going to plan some adventures for them tomorrow! We are all very excited!

    Mrs Murphy

    • Dear Mrs. Murphy,

      We can’t wait to see what adventures they have! Keep posted…we will have a new post on our recent adventures with our class.

      Mrs. Fraher

  5. Dear Mrs.Fraher,
    I am having so much fun with these flat selves! How long will it be till we get ours back? I think that we should have a party before we send them back to Austrailia. Don’t you think?

  6. Dear Mrs Fraher’s class,

    Your flat selves are off on holidays for 2 weeks! They are going to places like Sydney, camping, surfing, 4WDriving. I think they are going to have a lot of fun. We has some adventures at school last week and we have a new post coming soon too!

    @ Claire, I think a party is a great idea. We could video our party and send it to you. It is a shame that there is not a suitable time to Skype.

    Mrs Murphy

  7. I love this blog! I am a 5th grade teacher and would love to do this activity so that my students can practice on personal narratives:)

  8. I can’t wait to see what your flat selves do in England! I hope they get to see some of the same things I saw when I was there on vacation. Maybe some day you will take your real selves on the same adventure. Bon Voyage!

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