Want to Learn and Relate? Collaborate!

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Mrs. Fraher gives our class a lot of chances to collaborate with other students.   We collaborate with different students within our class.  It is fun to learn from others because everyone thinks differently.  Collaborating makes learning fun!  We have learned how to write better, explain ourselves better, and comprehend what we learn better.  A lot of what we have learned can’t be tested using a multiple choice test.  

Global collaboration teaches us about cultures and the importance of relationships.

We learned that collaboration relationships require give and take, learning doesn’t just come from books, and there are no boundaries when it comes to collaborating.

We collaborate with other classes at our school.  We work with Mrs. Shamhart’s first grade class in reading, Mrs. Rivera’s second grade class in math, and Mrs. Goucher’s class in science.  We have met a lot of different students at our school that we would not have met if it wasn’t for collaboration.  When we walk around school we get to wave to them and know that we learn from them and they learn from us.

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The cool thing about collaborating and the technology we have is that we can also collaborate with students from other countries.  We were email buddies with a class in Port Lincoln, Australia and collaborated with Mrs. W and Mr. Davo Devil from Tasmania.

  We also get to collaborate with other kids at other schools in Apache Junction and around the United States.  We are going to meet Mrs. Moore’s class and Mrs. Hamman’s class at Four Peaks Elementary, and we are writing to a class in New York- Mrs. Delace’s Class. For the whole year, we have been buddies with Bensesa School in Nairobi, Kenya.  We have learned about different cultures and have found out that we are a lot alike, too.  We are starting a new collaboration with Mrs. Murphy’s class.  We will be blogging buddies with them and also participate in a Flat Stanley project.


Reading with each other is a great way to collaborate!


Did you now that you can collaborate with people from all ages?  Mrs. Fraher likes to invite community members and experts to collaborate with us.  This shows us that we can learn from any age and that people in our community care about our learning.

Do you collaborate with other kids at your school or around the country?

What do you like about collaborating?

5 thoughts on “Want to Learn and Relate? Collaborate!

  1. Dear Mrs. Fraher,

    What I love about collaboration is we always get to learn new things. I especially like that we use technology to help us do that. Collaboration is really a good way to learn. What is your favorite subject to learn and collaborate with? Write back soon.


    • Dear Lilly,

      You asked a really good question. I don’t necessarily have a specific subject I like to use for collaborate. I just like it when students understand that they can learn from many different people in many different ways and places. It provides them the opportunity to think in ways they normally wouldn’t had…outside the box. When that happens-it makes my heart sing! You are a perfect example of that type of thinking.

      Mrs. Fraher

  2. Dear Mrs. Fraher and class,

    I love all the collaborations you have made! Your video shows us how family, our local community, and global community fit together. I also appreciate your sharing how you all grow from collaboration by giving and taking. It’s through those reflections on learning and how each of us learns differently, that we grow. Thank you for creating a learning environment that monopolizes on this. If you were to focus on the state test, you’d put a lid on their growing and developing, and it wouldn’t make much of an impact. Thank you for this post!

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

  3. Dear Mrs. Fraher,
    One thing I like about collaboration is you get to work, share your ideas, and get to know about each other. Collaboration is a good way to use team work. What are two things you like about collaboration?

    • Christian,

      You have posted a very good comment. I like collaboration because it allows us to build relationships with people that we normally would not have met or become friends with. Another reason why I like collaboration is that we are able to learn how other people think through problems and ideas, especially if they think differently than we do. This is how we learn to be open to new ideas and alternate ways of approaching a problem. You do a great job of collaborating with other students.

      Mrs. Fraher

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