How are Birds and Our Digital Footprint Alike?

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A digital footprint is the word that is currently being used to describe the trail that is left when we visit the internet.  It is the evidence that we have visited websites, uploaded videos, and sent emails.  Our class has been learning about being safe on the internet, responsible in what we “say”, and aware of where we go on the internet.  This is all part of being a responsible digital citizen.

We are also deep into our Project Feeder Watch project and now learning about identifying species by the evidence they leave in their habitat.    As I was teaching this, it struck me that one can be used as an analogy for the other.   Birds leave feathers, nests, droppings, and tracks in their habitat as evidence of their existence, and we leave email, sites, videos, and blog posts in our digital habitat. 

So the next time you see a bird  and the footprint it leaves by a dropping or nest, think about what you leave on the internet. Hopefully, it is respectful and responsible and not a “bird dropping.”


Take a look at what our class has found that shows evidence of birds in our desert habitat. 

Evidence of Bird Species on PhotoPeach


Can you think of other analogies that could be compared to digital footprints?







8 thoughts on “How are Birds and Our Digital Footprint Alike?

  1. Hello 3rd Grade,

    I can see by your Photopeach you were able to find many traces of birds in the environment.

    One of my hobbies is hiking in our local nature reserve and national parks. In my journeys, I often find traces of animals left behind. Spider webs, droppings, and marks on the ground all help me know what has been around and where the animals were heading.

    One of my favourite finds are traces of wombats. Here are two photos…. This photo is of wombat prints in the wet sand after rain.

    I sometimes follow their trail back to one of their holes. Being nocturnal, they are rarely seen out in the daytime but the next photo shows they are sometimes out in the day…

    As well as physical traces of animals, there can be auditory (sound). I sometimes sit alone and listen to the sounds of nature and a particular favourite is the mimicking sounds of the lyrebird…

    Of course there are also the smells of animals carried by the wind sometimes but I can’t give you a link to those. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  2. Dear Mr. Mannel,

    Thanks for commenting. It’s so exciting to learn about all the nature and wildlife in Australia. It’s awesome how you actually got that close to a wombat. What is another type of animal that you can sometimes spot and observe? I couldn’t listen to the sound of the animals because there was some type of error. Do you have some sort of schedule of going out and exploring the reserves? My favorite bird to listen to is probably the Northern Cardinal. If you had to name your favorite animal in Australia, what would it be? Thanks again.


  3. Dear Mrs Fraher and class,

    Today I learned about digital footprints and I want to tell you what it is. A digital footprint is evidence of a person on a website, sending an email, or uploading videos. And that is what I learned.


  4. Dear Mrs.Fraher,

    A digital footprint is just like your footprint on a website or blog. If you go on anything on the Internet it will leave that you were there for how many minutes on Google or yahoo. Just like you do in real life.


  5. Dear Mrs. Fraher and class,

    I like to think of digital footprints as fossils and mosaics. Let me explain. A fossil captures a moment in time; while in a mosaic, you have lots of little pieces that together make a complete picture. Likewise, I believe our digital footprints are similar because they are moments in time captured on the internet, and together they create a picture representing who I am, what I believe/value, and how I care for others.

    What’s your digital footprint say about you?

    Thanks so much for this fabulous post!

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

  6. Dear Mrs.Fraher

    I am so happy that I was put in your class. I have been enjoying it a lot, but my favorite part about being in your class is that I have a teacher who is very nice. If we get work done, we get to have fun and know more things. Oh, and thank you for teaching me on how to do that thing we did in class on fractions. I know how to do it, and I really enjoyed working with you and having fun with you.

    Your cool kid in your class,

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