Davo’s Visit Continues

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The last fews days Davo spent in our class were very eventful for him.  He was able to participate in a lot of fun things.  Here are some of the events he experienced:

Davo took some time to visit with Clifford, Curious George, Elmer, and Olivia.  He remembers getting to know these book characters as he read them.  

What do you think Clifford would say to Davo?

by Gabe

Davo spent time with us in our school habitat.  He liked looking at the pond, vegetable gardens, and plants native to Arizona.

What type of vegetables do you think grow in our garden during the winter in Arizona?

by Isaiah

I got to rock climb with Davo during our PE class.  He needed help to start out, but got the hang of it really quick.  I was there to support him.


What main muscles do you think we used the most when we climbed the rock wall?

by Faye

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In math we were learning about faces, edges and vertices in math.  We created a table to organize what we learned by drawing on our desk with dry erase markers . Davo was worried that we were writing on our desks, but we told him that it easily comes off and saves paper!  He helped me count the number of edges on a rectangular pyramid.

How many edges do you think are on a rectangular prism?

by Jaden

Davo helped Addison and I buddy read a book.  We are challenging ourselves with this chapter book.  It is longer than we are used to.  The book is called “Emily Windsnap and the Dream-Makers Garden” written by Liz Kessler.

Have you ever challenged yourself with a book?  

by Elly

3 thoughts on “Davo’s Visit Continues

  1. G’day Mrs Fraher and students,

    WOW! Davo must be so exhausted after doing all that work in your classroom. He is going to be a very knowledgeable Tasmanian Devil. Thank you all for looking after him.

    I think he is heading to a colder part of the USA this weekend. We will have to see how he copes with the cold after being in the heat for the last few weeks. I hope he doesn’t catch pneumonia.

    • Miss W.

      Thank you for allowing to have Davo for several days. We enjoyed his visit a lot. The best thing about having Davo was that we were able to collaborate with other around the world. We hope to see him again.

      Hopefully, the cold weather doesn’t get to him!

      Mrs. Fraher’s Class

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