Learning and Loving with Mr. Davo!

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Our class is visiting with Mr. Davo Devil.   
He is a Tasmanian Devil. They are a species found only in Tasmania. 
He is from Tasmania, a small island state in Australia.   

He just came back from Emma and Ethan’s house.

We welcomed Mr. Davo to our classroom and to Arizona.  We showed him around different places in our room.   We took turns taking him to different places like to lunch, P.E, and to library and he also went to some responsible people’s houses.  Only responsible people got to take him home because we don’t want him lost.  Cassidy S. and Elisa took him to lunch. He must have been hungry because he tried to eat Cassidy’s roll.  Here are some pictures of our time with Mr. Davo Devil on the first day.


by Lillian, Faye, Elisa, and Claire

5 thoughts on “Learning and Loving with Mr. Davo!

    • Miss W.,

      We are excited to tell you that we saw three new species while Davo has been with us. The House Finch, Cassin’s Finch, and Purple Finch are the new ones. After talking with the class, we figured the finches have migrated here. That is why we have seen them now and not before. We have seen a Cactus Wren, lots of different sparrows, like the White Crowned Sparrow, Gilded Flicker, Gila Woodpecker, and a lot more. If you didn’t know, the Cactus Wren is our state bird. Mrs. Fraher keeps trying get a picture of the Cactus Wren when it lands on our window sill but it keeps flying away before she can get it. We have a lot of pictures of other bird species though. We are so glad that you have let Davo stay with us. You are very nice. Keep checking our blog.

      Anthony and Christian

  1. Hello Lillian, Faye, Elisa, and Claire,

    I have been following the adventures of Davo. He would have to be one of the best travelled Tassie devils. He seems to be having many great experiences in his visits.

    I have travelled around Tasmania, our wonderful Australian island state, and have seen devils in zoos and animal sanctuaries. They are amazing little carnivorous marsupials. In fact, it is the largest living carnivorous marsupial in the world. It seems hard to believe they are marsupials like kangaroos and koalas. 🙂

    I can see Davo’s visit to you has already given him wonderful new experiences. I know Arizona is very different to his home country.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    • Mr. Mannell,

      We are glad you are visiting us on our blog and sharing information with us. We have learned stuff from you that we didn’t know before. We are learning a lot about Tasmanian devils through Davo’s visit. How did you first learn about Davo? We learned about him when Miss W and him came to visit our class. We didn’t know that Tasmania was an island. We will be sad when he leaves. We hope you keep visiting our blog and sharing with us. Arizona is different. We have animals here that you don’t. For example, we think you don’t have rattlesnakes in Australia. Is that true?

      From, Lillian, Faye, Elisa, and Claire

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