A Message for Nathan!

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All of the students in our class are very important.  When one is absent for a long period of time, they are missed.  Nathan, a student in our class, had his tonsils removed this week.  Everything went well for him, but he is missed.  The kids sent him some get well comments to bring a smile to his face.

Nathan, this is for you!

2 thoughts on “A Message for Nathan!

  1. Dear class,
    Thank you all for those comments you said to me. I really appreciate them. I will have fun with the ten pounds of homework. It made me feel better when you said those things to me. My throat is feeling better each and every day. One last thank you and good-by! Hope I see you soon guys.


  2. Dear

    I am much happier your throat is feeling better. Soon I might get my tonsils taken out, but I`m not too worried. I hope you signed up for soccer so I can be on your team. Hope to see you soon!

    Your Friend

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