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Hi, I’m Lillian  and I’m in 3rd grade at Peralta Trail Elementary.

I read The Hostile Hospital.

It’s about three Baudalaire orphans who’s parents perished in a terrible fire. There new guardian is Count Olaf,  a villainous person who would do anything for the Baudalaires fortune. He ends up trying to do unnecessary surgery on the oldest Baudalaire, Violet.

I would recommend this book and the entire series because it is fun, adventurous and challenging.

Here is a video from Lemony Snickett’s picture book called 13 Words. We found it on the Lemony Snickett Official Website where he gave us the embed code for our blog.  

As you listen to the book, did you learn a new word and its meaning?  What was that word?


5 thoughts on “A Must Read by Lilly!

  1. Dear Mrs. Bodell,

    Thanks for commenting. Blogging has been a great experience. I’ve learned so many new things. It’s a lot of work too. For the Series of Unfortunate Events I’m already on the thirteen book! To tell you the truth I didn’t even want to read the series of books. My sister made me read it.


  2. Dear Heaven,

    Thanks for commenting. I always try to keep in touch with all the people who blog. Like I said before try to check out our newest blog.

    Kind Regards,

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