Christmas Generosity Update!

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Mrs. Fraher here.  We just received an update from the headmaster at Bensesa School in Nairobi, Kenya.  After wiring the money to them through Western Union, they received it just in time.  

Read his email below…

Hi Gina,
Well we received the money yesterday and everybody said God bless you all as we plan to give the report on how the amount is going to be utilized according to the budget we had for the kids and school.  After the Western Union converted US dollars $250, we received Kenya shillings 20,200.  Tell your students and your staff that God is going to reward them all abundantly, surely this money came at right time when life is very difficult in our country.Thanks,







3 thoughts on “Christmas Generosity Update!

  1. Dear Mrs. Fraher,

    Yay! They recieved the money. I am so happy for them. Why is it really not a good time in Kenya? That’s awesome they recieved 20,200$, too. Right back soon.


  2. Wow, such a heartfelt email that they sent. It is heartbreaking to know how much they struggle but it is also heart warming to know how much good the money is doing for this school and the kids.


  3. Dear Mrs. Fraher,

    I keep thinking about what the students in your class have done this month. They raised money for children across the globe. They spent their lunches selling pencils for this purpose, and the students in the school rallied to purchase the pencils for this cause.

    Then, your students created gifts for your pen pals for Christmas. That is so generous on so many levels.

    What keeps going through my head and heart is the decision that you, Mrs. Fraher, made as their teacher. You chose to spend class time for philanthropy, something more important than any curriculum could teach or any state test would assess.

    I applaud you for this. By allowing them this opportunity, you’ve instilled the value of respect and generosity for others. You wove all the curriculum of writing, reading, etc. into this project, but it went so much deeper.

    Thank you for looking beyond what the state tests to do something that has real meaning. Thank you for allowing your students to apply their learning by helping other and connecting beyond the four walls of the classroom. Thank you for making a difference.

    Warm regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

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