PAWS 4 Life Visits Room 207

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We read a book called “Rosie, A Visiting Dog’s Story” by Stephanie Calmenson.   Mrs. Fraher wanted us to connect to the story so she invited actual therapy and service dogs for us to see.  Our class had a visit from PAWS 4 Life. An organization that trains dogs to be service dogs or therapy dogs.  Did you know there is a difference?  They brought three dogs to show us what they do.  We were very impressed!


A service dog has an important job. The service dog does jobs like helping their owners walk, get stuff, and open doors for them. A service dog is more serious than a therapy dog. If you ever spot a service dog at work in a store or any other place, don’t pet it.   

by Nicklas and Christian


A Therapy Dog makes kids that are queasy or friendless feel better and make them cackle.  Therapy Dogs can get stroked while working.  They do it also to assist their trainers and other people.  They do it because the trainer might be depressed.  They inspire the society.

by Justin and Nathan



 What did you learn about therapy and service dogs?  Have you ever seen a service dog or therapy dog in the store?



2 thoughts on “PAWS 4 Life Visits Room 207

  1. Dear Mrs. Fraher and class,

    I really enjoyed the Paws 4 Life visit video. I wish I could’ve been there in person. I think it is so wonderful that animals can help people in so many ways. Did Paws 4 Life mention any need for volunteers?

    Thank you Mrs. Fraher for organizing this visit for the class.


  2. Dear Mrs. Fraher and class,

    I love the information that you gave about the Paws 4 life post. It is awesome! I did not know that there are dogs that can make people feel better.


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