Legend of the Lost Dutchman

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Mysterious events, creatures hidden among cracks and crevices, unforgiving terrain, and the thunder god watching over those who seek the gold.  All of these help describe the mysteries of the Superstition Mountains.  Our school is nestled amongst the foothills of this mysterious mountain and the Peralta Trailhead, and is home of the Legend of the Lost Dutchman.  

The picture below shows us in front of the mountains. They are shrouded in clouds.




We are fortunate to have such a famous location just outside our window.  





Watch our video for more facts and legends about this magnificent mountain.

Do you think their is a lost gold mine in the Superstition Mountains?  Let us know what you think.

Mrs. Fraher’s Class

9 thoughts on “Legend of the Lost Dutchman

  1. Dear Mrs. Fraher’s class,

    We like your video about the lost dutchman. We believe that there is a mine. Do you also? We also were in Mrs. Fraher’s class last year for third grade to. We miss you Mrs. Fraher!


    Rudy and Michael

    • Rudy and Michael,

      Your comment was very well done. I really miss you guys, too. I think there is gold in the Superstitions, but I am not sure if the Lost Dutchman’s mine can be found there.

      Mrs. Fraher

  2. Dear Mrs.Fraher

    That was really exciting! I hope more people get to see it! Do you think any body will ever find it? What I mean by body is any carried skeletons by the owner. Good job to Elly on the ghost!


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