Growing our own Tree

by Cassidy and Faye


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We are growing a Christmas tree until Christmas so that we can have a Christmas tree in our classroom. To plant the tree, we had to follow these steps:

  1. Get the soil and water. Put it in a cup or bowl.
  2. Then we stir it.
  3. Put the seed in.  Push the seed in so the soil covers it.

Listen to our Audioboo story for the steps we followed to plant our tree. At the end, we tell you what it needs to grow.

Fraher”s Christmas Tree (mp3)


The Christmas tree needs water and sunlight to grow, and it will be 3 feet tall.  We hope it grows big enough so we can decorate it for Christmas.  Stayed tuned for the progress of our tree. 

Does your family have Christmas trees for the holiday? 

How do you decorate your tree?


16 thoughts on “Growing our own Tree

  1. Dear Cassidy and Faye,
    Great job on your blog, I can’t wait to see the tree when your done. The Audioboo was really interesting. Are you going to be doing any more blogging with tree so others can see how the tree is going?


  2. Dear Cassidy and Faye,

    After reading your blog post, I was very impressed with all of the great details you included. You have made me think of good times that I have had at Christmas with my family. I am glad Christmas is coming soon. My famiy has four different trees. We have one tree for each of our sons and their special ornaments, one tree for my husband and I, and one tree for our dog. The trees are decorated with special ornaments we buy each year.

    I hope your tree grows.

    Mrs. Fraher

  3. Dear Cassidy and Faye
    I do put up a Christmas tree,but it’s upside down. My family decorates the tree with sparkling streamers and our own unique ornaments. I loved your blog about the Christmas tree. I hope it grows big and tall.

    Your friend

  4. Dear Cassidy and Faye,
    I think that slide show was awesome! How do you decorate your guys Christmas tree? I bet it is really cool. If I were you guys, I would love to do this project. It seems like a lot of fun.


  5. Dear Faye and Cassidy

    My family does put up a Christmas tree. How we decorate it is we put red and green string. We also put ornaments on it. The last thing that we do is we sing a song.


  6. Dear Cassidy R. and Faye,
    I do not Christmas tree when it is Christmas.
    I do not put decorations on the Christmas tree because I do not have a Christmas tree at my house when it is Christmas time.It is fun when it is Christmas time.


  7. Dear Cassidy and Faye
    I have 1 tree each year. My family and I put a lot of ornaments on it. I can’t wait for the tree to grow in our class.
    from Nicky,

  8. Dear Cassidy and Faye,

    That was a beautiful performance you did there.
    I loved it. I wish that I can do that thing where you planted. So I think you did a good job on it.


  9. Dear Cassidy and Faye,

    You did a beautiful job explaining how to grow the Christmas tree. We have a tree that we decorate every year. We put it up the day after Thanksgiving and take it down after the new year. The first ornament that goes on is our Notre Dame ornaments, then all the other ornaments can go on after that. Christmas is a special time of year! I hope your tree grows big and tall and you are able to decorate it as a class this year.

    Very well done!

  10. Dear Cassidy and Faye,

    Your blog is awesome. My family puts up a Christmas tree each year too. It always takes us at least two hours because we always lose the directions. Then two days pass, then we find it. We decorate our Christmas tree with special ornaments each year. We get like seven new ornements each year. How do you decorate your tree?

    From Your Classmate,

  11. Dear Faye and Cassidy,
    WOW !!! Loved the information. I can not wait for the growth of the tree. I also think your pictures of the two of you are the cutest. You are both the best…. Love frannie ,
    Fayes mom

  12. Dear Claire,
    I decorate my Christmas tree with sparkly ornaments on the tree.
    Why did you and your family put the Christmas tree upside down instead of right side up?
    Thanks for this comment.

    From your friend,
    Cassidy R.

  13. Dear Faye and Cassidy,
    It was interesting how you grew a Christmas tree. And Kirsten wants to know if you decorated it yet. How long did it take you to grow it?

  14. Dear Cassidy and Faye,

    We really think that the Christmas tree project was cool. We want to do the exact same thing in our classes. We want to know how long it took to plant it?

    Sarah and Kirsten

    • Sarah and Kirsten,

      The planting part was easy. Unfortunately, a student knocked the pot over and we lost the plant. We will have to plan another.

      Mrs. Fraher

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